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Hillary Clinton: How She Does It

How does she do it, asks Mike Barnacle on MSNBC's Morning Joe (where Joe Scarborough is blissfully for us absent for the past couple of weeks; he should be called Hypocrit Joe for his non-interview of both Obama and Clinton May 5, 2008).

We'll tell you how she does it. She lies.

Just because she is a woman, doesn't mean she isn't capable of lying. And she does, and she does it well.

Think back to former President Bill Clinton's White House wherein Hillary Clinton had a major role in putting forth a health-care plan.

Did you learn who all was involved in talks about the plan? No, done behind closed doors. Even a decade later, we still do not know who all participated in generating ideas for Hillary's Health Care Plan.

Think back to Bill Clinton's White House and the negotiations pertaining to a pact between Mexico and Canada and the United States.

There was Hillary Clinton, talking positively about NAFTA. Going around the country plugging for the North American Free Trade Agreement.

A decade later, we have yet to be able to gain access to all of the Clinton papers housed in the Clinton library which might, just might, reveal quite a bit.

And those tax returns. Sure we now know the Clintons' income is some 100 million plus since Bill Clinton had to leave the White House.

But we know little else about where the income originated.

We know nothing about the Clinton pardons other than drug lords got them and other disreputables.

CNN American Morning graphic is just so starkingly revealing it's easy to see how Hillary Clinton "does it."

She lies to herself and everybody else.

Her negatives and unfavorability among national groups is still at an all time high.

March 26, 2008
NBC/WSJ Poll: Hillary's Negatives Highest Of Contest
An NBC/WSJ survey out tonight shows it's Hillary Clinton, not Barack Obama, who has taken a hit in the wake of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright revelations.

At 37 percent, Clinton's approval rating is the lowest it's been since NBC/WSJ polled in March 2001, two months after she was sworn into the Senate. Obama's, by comparison, is 49 percent.

She lies about that.

And she continues to lie about white hard working voters preferring her over Obama.

Nora O'Donnell on MSNBC programming with Mika B this morning just debunked those so-called white voter stats Clinton used after an AP or USA Today analysis.

In Oregon Obama won 47 percent of the Oregon white voters and 19 percent in Kentucky.

Obama doesn't have an inherent problem with "white" voters, says O'Donnell.

It's looking geographic. In the Appalachian states.

Developing story follows (via Drudge Report link)

We heard this in part first hand, but had to turn the channel the instant Clinton attempted to liken her situation to a "plight" of any kind.

Who can take this woman seriously after this stretch.

As we explained in another post, Clinton was the front-runner leading up to the very first contest. After her few early wins, she was tagged the what: frontrunner. So her wins belie any kind of a plight. She has opportunity to run. Men are voting for her, maybe not as many men as she would like, but then on the other hand, women are voting for Obama, so not "all" women are voting for her.

It has nothing to do with clinton being a woman as we noted months ago. Rejection of Hillary Clinton has everything to do with Hillary Clinton and who she is.

Like her husband, simply and starkly put, a liar.

She lied about a trip to Bosnia with her daughter where she said the two of them came under sniper fire getting off the airplane.

Not one journalist asked Clinton at the time, uh why did you put your own daughter in harm's way? Weren't you forewarned there might be sniper fire since you claim you and your daughter wore safety jackets?

Not one journalist mind you asked Hillary Clinton to explain permitting for one instant the potential of her own daughter being killed.

For Clinton to compare her campaign to civil rights is simply the last straw, or what should be to any thinking American let alone any thinking Democrat who has remained a Democrat to this point.

Her latest: In all the states she's won, swing states, states where she would win the electoral college delegates, she says she has the highest polling ever in those states.

Right Hillary, we believe you tracked back 25 years or more to make that accurate announcement.

How about just checking out this year polling month by month

Hillary Clinton Election Polls Stat Sheet

Net the Truth Online

May 21, 2008
Categories: Hillary Clinton
Clinton compares the Florida and Michigan fight to civil rights movement
Ben Stein

My colleague Ken Vogel reports:

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Hillary Clinton compared her effort to seat Florida and Michigan delegates to epic American struggles, including those to free the slaves and win the right to vote for blacks and women.

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