Friday, January 05, 2007

John Gibson: Is the warmer weather global warming

Big Story John Gibson poses the question to two guests: are the higher temperatures global warming

Interestingly, neither guest said yes, directly.

when you get warm weather in one area you get cold weather in another area to balance it out, says Rick Reichmuth, meteorologist

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WSI produces regular weathercasts for TV and radio. Fox News Channel weathercaster Rick Reichmuth, for example, is actually a WSI employee: He joins the channel's newscasts live from WSI in Andover.

Heidi Collum
it has been unseasonably warm, there are two big players, ... el nino...and a long term trend where winters have gotten milder.

Asked specifically by John Gibson... I get a lot of letters and will get more after this telling me it's global warming, is it?

Heidi Collum: science has shown us that temperature has increased and greenhouse gases from fossil fuels are playing a role in that.

Is this evidence Gore is right, Gibson asks Heidi Collun

Heidi Collun: it's a problem we need to deal with and solve, it can hurt us economically and in so many ways, it's a practical problem to work on...

Wasn't that fascinating? Asked point blank, Collum would not state catagorically, yes John, this warmer weather at this time in January 2007 is directly attributable to global warming and man-made greenhouse gases!




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