Thursday, May 01, 2008

Debunked Obama Not Saluting Flag Still Running

But the Obama campaign forms a Truth Squad in North Carolina.

Wish they'd set one up in Fayette County, PA where Hillary Clinton reigned with a 79% win to Obama's 21.

Meanwhile, a mid-April poll showed an astonishing amount of people believe Hillary Clinton is untrustworthy by a whopping you guessed it 61 percent. Yep you read that right.

Poll shows majority find Clinton untrustworthy RAW STORY
Published: Wednesday April 16, 2008

Clinton is viewed as "honest and trustworthy" by just 39 percent of Americans, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, compared with 52 percent in May 2006. Nearly six in 10 said in the new poll that she is not honest and trustworthy. And now, compared with Obama, Clinton has a deep trust deficit among Democrats, trailing him by 23 points as the more honest, an area on which she once led both Obama and John Edwards.

Among Democrats, 63 percent called her honest, down 18 points from 2006; among independents, her trust level has dropped 13 points, to 37 percent. Republicans held Clinton in low regard on this in the past (23 percent called her honest two years ago), but it is even lower now, at 16 percent. Majorities of men and women now say the phrase does not apply to Clinton; two years ago, narrow majorities of both did.

So who is voting for Hillary Clinton, even though they could be among those 61 percent who find her untrustworthy?

Check those voter registrations... just teasing...

Net the Truth Online

North Carolina Radio Host Reports Anti-Obama Chain E-Mail Distortion As Fact
By Sarah Lai Stirland April 29, 2008

WBT News Talk Radio's Jeff Katz show's web page is running this debunked picture on its site with the caption: "Here is Obama refusing to put his hand over his heart while saying the pledge. And this man could be our next President?"
Credit: WBT News Talk Radio


Fact Check Barack Obama Site

Obama forms 'truth squad'

They are the N.C. Truth Squad.

Their mission? To "make sure that the truth is shared with North Carolinians."

Their outfits? Capes, with a large purple "T" and a lightning bolt.

Okay, we made up that last one.

But it is true that Obama announced Monday the creation of an N.C. Truth Squad, the job of which, according to Obama state director Craig Schirmer, is to "make sure that the truth is shared with North Carolinians."

Of course, that would be the truth as seen from the Obama camp.

The squad is supposed to set the record straight on the candidate's records and, according to Schirmer, respond to "misleading messages from any corner -- especially those that the Clinton campaign has tried here in North Carolina and in other states."

So, who are the members of the N.C. Truth Squad?

They are U.S. Reps. David Price, Mel Watt and G.K. Butterfield, former state House Speaker Dan Blue, and state Reps. Pricey Harrison and Ty Harrell.

Voters say Hillary Clinton untrustworthy: Poll
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