Thursday, February 01, 2007

John Hagee Interviews Walid Shoebat

Fox News E.D. Hill interviews Walid Phares

who is funding Muslim youth turning to hardline Islam...West needs to understand there is an ideology that came long before what we're evidencing today...

Radical Islam: Terror in its own Words
Saturday 9 PM

John Hagee Ministries discussing Obsession and more with Walid Shoebat,GGLD:2006-40,GGLD:en

Hubna in the Middle East it's not a Peace Treaty, it's a Hubna Treaty, says Shoebat.

The new documentary, "Obsession: The Threat of Radical Islam," goes inside the world of Muslim extremists.

This documentary is sure to provoke many questions, and the filmmakers want to hear from you!,2933,227393,00.html


Shoebat's response to Moshe Katz
Reader comment on blog entry: Walid Shoebat: "Palestinian turns from radical Muslim to true Zionist"
in response to reader comment: Walid Shoebat - hero or snakeoil salesman?
Submitted by Walid Shoebat, Nov 8, 2005 at 15:12


Who's the liar... Muslims or Christians?

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