Thursday, February 22, 2007

Judge Seidlin Rules Anna Nicole Smith burial

Judge to Rule momentarily on the disposition of Anna Nicole Smith's body.

Net the Truth Online report
from first-hand observation of Court TV News, MSNBC Live, Fox News Live
2:32 PM EST

Judge Larry Seidlin acknowledges there were a lot of he/she said testimony. He hopes all respond to his final decision with decorum which Anna Nicole Smith should have... Seidlin takes a fifteen minute recess...

Fox News Shepard Smith... what just happened, he's got the candles burning, his wife is waiting... Shepard Smith himself feels like somebody has put him through a strainer. He sees celebrity hangers ons, lawyers falling down, Anna Nicole Smith accused of being on mushrooms in the last month of her pregnancy...

Day One this could have been determined... who is the nearest relative, next-of-kin, the child, says commentator, under the law the legal guardian of the child should be the one to determine the best interests of the child...

Shepard Smith hit the nail on the head, this isn't about where she will be buried, however, it's about who will get the custody of the body.

Very interesting. Judge Seidlin did appoint a Guardian ad litem for Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn.

Judge returns 3:50 PM

Crystal clear once the order is signed, all are done with Seidlin, he says. The paternity issue is remanded to another court.

Custody goes to:

The Court concludes one issue of concern who is entitled to the custody of the remains... one equitable solution is it would be Dannielynn... based on court's review orders custody to Dannielynn. Stern denied Arther denied.

Richard Millsteen esquire as guardian ad litem is awarded custody of Anna Nicole Smith

Previously, how events in court unfolded

Acting on behalf of Vergie Arthur, counsel John Q. Quinn, proferred a long-distance phone call be made to the purported biological father of Daniel Wayne Smith, Anna Nicole Smith's son. Identified as Billy Smith, the man at first said he'd like his son to be in Texas, where he resides. That would be difficult, though, to exhume the body.

After a couple of questions from Judge Seidlin, Billy Wayne Smith said he thinks Anna Nicole Smith wanted to be buried by her only son.

Earlier, a witness for Anna Nicole Smith's mother Vergie Arthur, a friend of Anna Nicole Smith, had testified to his knowledge of her potential burial wishes.

Ford Shelley finally said Anna said she wanted to be buried beside her son. Notwithstanding that he thinks the biological father is Larry Birkhead, he said, Howard K. Stern, is representing her wishes in that.

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