Thursday, February 22, 2007

Judge Seidlin Admits Deal with Howard K. Stern

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During an interruption of the testimony of Larry Birkhead, Judge Larry Seidlin said he had all along wanted to know the biological father's identity. He has refrained from pressing the issue with Howard K. Stern because he wanted input into the matter of the disposition of Anna Nicole Smith's body.

Seidlin admitted he made a deal with Stern, and he abides by his deals. He won't demand any taking of DNA that might resolve the matter.

At one point during Birkhead's testimony, the matter of paternity arose again. Debra Opri attempted to say the Judge could order the DNA for purposes in this case which would go to the heart of where to place Anna Nicole Smith's body.

The Judge squashed her attempt, again.

I'm getting the feeling the Judge is hiding his hand. He knows darn well, darn well, that there are shady circumstances surrounding Anna Nicole's life, let alone her death. He's no dummy.

He knows what California courts have also ruled to date. He knows what the Bahama authorities are doing... Seidlin is an illusionist, and he has everyone but us looking elsewhere...

Judge Seidlin wants justice, and even if he had to make a deal with Howard K. Stern, he is going to get justice in the end.

Now that he's told Larry Birkhead to not make any more references to Howard K. Stern, we have to change this opinion.

What on earth is any Judge telling somebody how or how not to testify?!!!

I'm sorry, if that were me on the stand, I'd raise a citizen objection to the Judge telling me how to testify.

Assuming you are the father, where would you place the body of Anna Nicole Smith?

Asking Larry Birkhead...

Please Larry Birkhead, say if it is proven he is the father of Dannielynn Judge, he would want Danny the son to be placed with Anna Nicole who he would want to be placed near him and Dannielynn. It couldn't be simpler than that.

Did he send an email that says she was sleeping with everybody... yes he sent the email...

But Opri argues from her seat the issue is exclusivity during the time she became pregnant... Birkhead says the doctors told him and Anna Nicole there was a three-day window and he fits into that window exclusively...

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