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Anna Nicole Smith child's real father of concern to Judge

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Hon. Larry Seidlin reconvenes court procedings in the case of Anna Nicole Smith.

It is uncertain whether the order for a 1 PM sample of Smith's DNA to be taken was carried out.

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Florida judge OKs DNA from body of Smith
By Michael Muskal, Times Staff Writer
10:42 AM PST, February 15, 2007

A judge today ordered another DNA sample be taken from Anna Nicole Smith, who died a week ago leaving behind a legal morass of contested paternity and wealth.

The order was issued by Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where lawyers representing Smith's family and friends have battled for two days over what to do with the former Playmate's body.

The last person who speaks doesn't win. I'm not rushing," Judge Seidlin told attorneys representing Smith, her mother and two of the men who claim to be the father of Smith's baby daughter.

After a morning of sometimes fierce exchanges, Seidlin ordered that a cheek swab for DNA be done by the medical examiner in the presence of all of the attorneys to prevent any confusion. The test will be done today.

That left to be decided the issue of what will happen to Smith's body.

"This court has jurisdiction over the body," Seidlin said today. "We're going to show respect and dignity to that body."

Though it sounded simple, that goal turned out to be more complicated. Among the unanswered questions the group wrestled with were: Who is the next of kin, a reportedly estranged mother or a current companion? What was Smith's wishes about burial, in her native Texas or with her son in the Bahamas?

And though it may not matter legally in this proceeding, the question of paternity repeatedly came up because the burial might affect needed DNA testing.

Technically, the proceeding was a probate request. The lawyers sat around the table as cameras crowded the chambers.

The atmosphere was generally informal during the hours of discussion, but the parties sometimes snapped and fiercely fought before a cable television audience. It was a combination of reality television with a big slice of CSI...,0,4764933.story?coll=la-home-headlines

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