Thursday, February 15, 2007

Judge: Needs to Know Danielynn Biological Father!

Blockbuster non-fiction conspiracy book in the making...

though a ruling has not yet been made in the case of Anna Nicole Smith hearing concerning custody for her body, the Judge in the case has indicated more than once that he needs to know who is the biological father of the child, Danielynn!

The Judge has brought in the medical examiner, who is being grilled by the Judge concerning chain-of-custody of DNA, what was taken as DNA samples... etc.

No conspiracy theory, says the Judge, we want to have a tight chain of custody.

Well hey, why doesn't the Judge go down to the morgue witht the medical examiner, with all legal parties by his side, and take the samples today! And why doesn't the Judge keep the samples in his personal vault!

At this time it is only a death investigation.

The Judge asks what if it turns into a criminal investigation, will they need to take more samples of DNA. The medical examiner says no, they wouldn't, and they have plenty of material for whomever wants the body.

Well that's nice. But who is guarding the DNA evidence right this minute?

Obviously, not the medical examiner testifying!

Judge, do as we suggest, for truth, for integrity. Go with the medical examiner right now and get the actual DNA first-hand!

I cannot believe all of these pundits are suggesting there is no need for more DNA to be taken! there is. The potential exists for somebody to be paid off to switch Anna Nicole Smith's DNA with another woman's DNA, and even to present that woman's child as Danielynn. All of these people could be paid off in millions to keep quiet!

Look how long Watergate's Deep Throat was left unexposed!

In fact, Perper is oddball. Why doesn't he say, Judge, let's go take a trip right now and you can get a sample yourself so you are sure there is no conspiracy theory.

These people don't read fiction, do they?

Lawyer asks who is guarding the DNA?

Perper says they are in a locked refrigerator under key. Refrig is in a room in med examiner's office and that office is kept under observation.

Well, come on now. How many people have keys Dr. Schuller, chief of toxicology, to the best of his knowledge. He doesn't know how many people have keys? He says he is pretty sure only Schuller, but you'd have to ask him.

Lawyer asks if samples taken after the embalming would be as pure. Perper says there would potentially be an effect. there is possibility of testing then. Now Perper says it's unjustified to take more DNA samples.

What is Perper's problem?

If the court ordered additional testing it would be best if it was done expeditiously. Wouldn't it be better if it is done today than a few months from now?

No says Perper. That's unnecessary!

Oh my goodness, something smells fishy with this situation. Why not get a real-time sample today? Observed from all.

this is so astonishing!

Have their person get a look first and if not sufficient get more. Also want to know who all had access to the chain of custody.

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