Thursday, February 22, 2007

Witness for Smith Mother says wanted to be buried beside son

Friend of Anna Nicole Smith, Ford Shelly testifies he facilitated Anna Nicole Smith's locating to the Bahamas... for paternity-avoidance purposes... he knows who Anna Nicole Smith said the father was, Larry Birkhead.

Shelley also testified about the contents of a videotape Vergie Arthur's counsel obtained. The previous day, after court was just recessed, counsel for Larry Birkhead noted the existence of a tape which would go to Smith's potential state of mind.

Shelley's daughter, Reilly had visited Smith with Howard K. Stern present. the child painted Anna Nicole's face to look like a clown.

In the the video the voice of reportedly Harold K. Stern can be heard saying

Reilly thinks you've lost your mind. Is this a mushroom trip. Is this a mushroom trip... this film is worth money...

Shelley testifies it is the lst week of August when his daughter visited Anna Nicole. Reilly asked to call her father and was denied so, Shelley says, by Howard K. Stern.

Christa Barth questions Shelley... the house is not in Shelley's name, but in G. Thompson... his father in law... how did he come in possession of this tape...

finally, questioned about where does he think she should be buried. Anna told him she wanted to be buried in California but she couldn't go back then because she feared being served with paternity papers by Larry Birkhead, told him she wanted to take her items...

OK Birkhead's attorneys...

Really, when they have a chance to ask about Stern allowing Anna to look like she's on mushrooms with an underaged child present...

do you have any writings, diaries, journals, emails, any of those with him. Can they be proffered to see if she made any contemporaneous writing about her wishes...

Yes. And the Broward County sheriff's office has other material. But he doesn't think they would show where she wanted to be buried.

...the issue is moot... doesn't matter as none of the items contain her wishes for burial.

Finally, Anna said she wanted to be buried beside her son, says Shelley. Notwithstanding, that he thinks the biological father is Larry Birkhead, Shelley said, Howard K. Stern, is representing her wishes in that.

Will faxed earlier?

Faxed Will Fuels Anna Nicole Smith Death Debate
By Staff
Feb 22, 2007

Reports that a will was faxed to the home of Anna Nicole Smith just days before she died has fuelled conspiracy theories into her tragic death earlier this month (08Feb07).

Anna Nicole Ordered to Move Out
MONDAY OCTOBER 23, 2006 03:30 PM EDT

By Rob Howe,26334,1549601,00.html

Videotape of footage on site

Anna Nicole Stoned -- Stern Sees $$$$
Posted Feb 20th 2007 12:03PM by TMZ Staff
Filed under: Wacky and Weird, Anna Nicole Smith

A stunning video shows a barely functional Anna Nicole Smith, stammering and stuttering, as Howard K. Stern rhapsodizes about how much money the clip will be worth...

The tape, which aired Monday night on Greta Van Susteren's show on FOX News Channel, shows an eight-months pregnant Smith, her face painted like a clown and clearly stoned out of her mind. As she talks to a doll in a baby carriage as if it's real, Stern repeatedly says, "Is this a mushroom trip?" He then adds, "I'm kidding."

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