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Anna Nicole Smith child United States citizen, first

According to the laws of the United States, a child born of a citizen of the United states is automatically, and naturally, a United States citizen.

A child born of a non-citizen of the United States is only a natural citizen of the United States if the child is born on United States soil.

Anna Nicole Smiths daughter, Dannielynn, was born of a United States citizen, and so first legally and constitutionally, Dannielynn is a United States citizen.

It puzzles me why Court TV and other notable news reporting never seems to mention first and foremost, Dannielynn is a United States citizen.

She is subject to the laws of the United States when and if she returns to the United States soil. The U.S. Constitution surely is also protective of her rights as a U.S. citizen.

The first and foremost best interests of the child would include determining natural parentage, the biological father, for the specific reason of biological health issues over the course of the child's lifetime.

The biological father could have a history of good health or a history of bad health. It is imperative the child have health information for the proper choices to be able to be made on her behalf until she reaches the age of consent, 18.

The baby is a United States citizen, contrary to Court TV Live.

Letter to Court TV

Jamie Floyd: You have interviewed a Nancy Chemtob who gave misleading and incorrect information in her comment that Dannielynn is NOT a United States citizen. A child born of a mother who is a United States citizen is automatically and naturally a citizen of the United States. It wouldn't matter whether Dannielynn was born on a boat or an airplane over open seas (no nationality), or on foreign soil. Her first right is to citizenship of the United States because her mother is/was a U.S. citizen. ... Please look to the U.S. Constitution for confirmation...

Bahama Pundit explains, under Bahamian constitution, Anna Nicole Smith's daughter does not possess Bahamian citizenship... furthermore, Anna Nicole Smith herself did not obtain Bahamian citizenship. The permanent residency she acquired is under scrutiny per requirements of land/property ownership.


The Constitution of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas


Bahamas Immigrations
Bahamas Residency
Working in The Bahamas


Key players in Anna Nicole Smith case
By Mark Schwed
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Note more accurate use of residency, versus full citizenship in this article, Anna Nicole Smith Dead Months After Securing Bahamas Residency. Also, we have yet to discover confirmation Anna Nicole Smith denounced, renounced, voided her United States citizenship. It is unlikely she would have legally done so since there was pending litigation over the estate of her former husband Howard Marshall...

Anna Nicole Smith Dead Months After Securing Bahamas Residency
POSTED: 12:02 AM, February 9, 2007AUTHOR: news@Hardbeatnews.com

MIAMI, FL -- Just months after Anna Nicole Smith obtained permanent residency under controversy in the Bahamas, the former Playboy playmate and voluptuous Marilyn Monroe look-alike is dead.

Was Smith granted citizenship in the Bahamas? That is a point of contention, since Bahamian law in this regard is reportedly based upon the purchase of property.

Did Anna Nicole Smith seek and obtain "permanent residency" in the "Bahamas? The answer to the first part is yes, Smith sought to obtain permanent residency. Did she gain permanent residency? That matter as well is under scrutiny and currently being challenged by the reputed owner of the house, G. Ben Thompson, so her status as a permanent resident is also in dispute...

Check out this blog Bahama Pundit

Bahamas Cabinet Responsible for Anna Nicole Smith Affair
by Sir Arthur Foulkes


News articles don't back up headlines New Bahamian citizen Anna Nicole Smith... Did Anna Nicole buy her Bahamian citizenship?


Anna Nicole & Shane Gibson, Alfred Sears & Bahamian Teachers, BTC & Customers
by Larry Smith

Neither article says anything about legal and written proof of Smith's citizenship.

New Bahamian citizen Anna Nicole Smith is dead

MIAMI, USA, February 9, 2007 - Just months after Anna Nicole Smith obtained permanent residency under controversy in the Bahamas, the former Playboy playmate and voluptuous Marilyn Monroe look-alike is dead...


Did Anna Nicole buy her Bahamian citizenship?
Plus, Weird Al sticks it to the man; Posh and Katie go shopping


November 3, 2006! Status of citizenship was unclear after discussion on Nancy Grace program way back in November, 2006. The discussion raises a lot of excellent points on the issue of when Smith might return for a visit to the U.S. and the potential for serving of papers regarding the paternity testing!

Anna Nicole Smith`s Troubles Continue
Aired November 3, 2006 - 20:00:00 ET

VELEZ-MITCHELL: We`ll have to see who is telling the truth on this. Now, I got to tell you that he is trying to serve legal papers on her. Let`s go to defense attorney Kathleen Mullin for insight on this. She is in the hospital, suffering from pneumonia, apparently got some serious illness going on right now. Does it make it harder to serve legal papers on somebody when they`re in the hospital?

KATHLEEN MULLIN, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Yes. It makes it -- not only does it make it harder, but it -- you know, it`s a little bit rude. I mean, she`s lying there in the hospital. I`m sure that whatever your fervor is to get back into, quote, "your house," another day or two until she gets out of the hospital will not make or break you.

I think that this one is going to be decided pretty quickly on the documents. The person who can produce a properly recorded deed for this property will take the presumption in this case. And we`ll see how she develops her claim of gift, whether or not there`s anything to substantiate that or support it. But I think a properly recorded deed is going to kick off this legal fight, and we`ll see what happens from there.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, you have a very interesting point because the government of the Bahamas right now is trying to decide whether or not to have a public inquest into the death of her son, Daniel, who, according to an independent pathologist, had up to seven drugs in his system, including methadone. So I`m wondering -- and let`s go to Paul Henderson, San Francisco deputy DA, on this -- is all this drama surrounding the house going to impact the decision of the government of the Bahamas as to whether or not have this mini-trial, in essence, this public inquest?

PAUL HENDERSON, SAN FRANCISCO DEPUTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY: Well, I think it is, actually, and here`s why. And while she`s in the house right now, all that really gives her is tenancy. Unless she can prove ownership -- ownership is what gives her status to stay in that country, and that`s how citizenship comes through the Bahamas, if you own a property there. If she doesn`t have that, that`s one less guard that she`s going to have to use in order to fight potential jurisdiction of the United States, if a family law court rules against her and actually orders a paternity test for her child.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And Jean Casarez, what I find fascinating is that all of these controversies seem intertwined. The house is intertwined with the paternity battle, the LA photographer, who says he`s the real father of her new baby girl. And that`s also somehow intertwined with the whole controversy over why methadone was found in her son`s system when he died in the hospital in the Bahamas.

CASAREZ: it`s amazing because if she does not have legal ownership of that home, she doesn`t have legal residency. What does that mean? She`s going to be deported. That means she comes back to this country. That means the paternity suit can possibly go forward, that suit in California, because there would be jurisdiction once she would get in this country.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, let`s go to investigative journalist Art Harris, who`s been tracking all of this. Let`s say she does get deported and ends up in the United States. What happens to her? What`s the legal fallout? And does it depend on what state she goes to? If she goes to California, could she be in more trouble than if she goes to Florida, per se?

ART HARRIS, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER: Well, you know, every state, Jane, does have -- not extradition, but they have, you know, an ability to get papers served. If she`s in the States, she does not have the immunity that she might enjoy in the Bahamas, as we know. But if she winds up in California, you know, she could be forced to take a paternity test.

We now have some indication that -- I don`t know, I talked to some real estate people down there, Jane, and if she goes to Florida, she could technically land and come back and be, you know, a temporary resident. That might afford her some immunity. But she can live in the Bahamas for up to eight months without being a permanent resident just by getting her visa or turnaround with a plane ticket.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: But Kathleen Mullin, defense attorney, let`s try to nail this down. If she gets back to the United States, what does it take for Larry Birkhead, the Los Angeles photographer who said he is the father of her newborn baby girl, to drag her into court to get that child tested, a DNA test for paternity? What has to happen legally for him to get his way?

MULLIN: He wants to get jurisdiction over her. And you`ve seen it before in high-drama legal cases, right? What you`ve seen is the wanted celebrity type landing at the airport, and what has to happen is that Birkhead`s process server has to be standing at the airport gate. And when she walks through the gate, he`s got to slam her with some papers that order her to appear before the court.

Now, if she arrives in Florida and you`ve got a California court ordering her to appear, I don`t know that she`s going to be all that willing to abide that order. And if she doesn`t abide it voluntarily, I`m not really all that sure there`s too much anybody can do about it.

But the first step is for him to try to get some papers into her hand. And Like I say, in these high-drama cases, we`ve seen it before, the lurking service -- process server standing there in the airport, waiting for the victim of his service to come off of the airplane, and as soon as they come into the terminal, bam, you`ve got service of papers, and now at least you`ve got the star of the process.


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