Friday, February 16, 2007

Preceding Anna Nicole Smith death her child's DNA court-ordered to be available

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from Court TV news Live and MSNBC video

The case of Anna Nicole Smith is not as bizarre as many are claiming. In our country, the good old USA, biological parents do have rights.

according to Court TV live report today, recapping details of the Smith case, a California court has ordered DNA testing samples for both Anna Nicole Smith and her daughter Dannielynn by February 20th for testing in a paternity suit brought forward by Larry Birkhead months ago upon the birth of the child.

The samples from Smith had been taken upon her death. Presumably, those are the samples which will be utilized in the paternity testing.

However, the child's DNA has not yet been made available.

This clears up the pressing need to have counsel for Larry Birkhead present at any proceedings regarding the disposition of Anna Nicole Smith's body.

Apparently, with the circumstance of Anna Nicole's unexpected death, Larry Birkhead's counsel has wanted to ensure at least a collection of valid and viable samples directly from Anna Nicole Smith's body.

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