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Judge Seidlin Weepy But Sly

Update Feb. 27, 2007

The stay order to hold the body of Anna Nicole Smith has been authorized. Counsel for Virgie Arthur initiated proceedings to have the body held until an appeal to the ruling of Judge Larry Seidlin/

The trial court departed from the letter of the law... when he asserted jurisdiction over the child by appointing an non-family member as guardian for the child when there was a blood relative present and seeking custody over the remains of the body...another strong argument according to Court TV News is the court should not have recognized Howard K. Stern as a party in the custody proceedings...

Appeal of Judge Larry Seidlin's ruling reportedly was entered by counsel for the mother of Anna Nicole Smith within minutes of recess of the court.

The action may keep the body of Anna Nicole in Florida for enough time for the California (United States)order for DNA testing of Anna's baby daughter to be submitted to Bahama authorities and carried out.

Judge Larry Seidlin ordered the Guardian ad litem custody of Anna Nicole's body on behalf of Smith's next-of-kin, her minor daughter, Dannielynn.

The Judge had said repeatedly in court during the first day's hearing in Judge's chambers he needed to know who the biological father of Dannielynn is. Over the course of the next days, Seidlin continued to proclaim the fathership should be determined, but he refrained from assuming jurisdiction on a California order regarding DNA testing of Dannielynn, Anna Nicole Smith's daughter.

He got in contentious argument with counsel for Larry Birkhead, Debra Opri over the matter of paternity tests.

We believe Judge Larry Seidlin has known all along the end game would have to be to obtain the identity of Dannielynn's biological father.

What Judge Seidlin did by his action today, indicating the court's Guardian ad litem as custodian of Smith's body, is to set a precedent so to speak that the next of kin to determine Smith's final resting place would be Dannielynn. However, because she is a minor, the next of kin under his scenario would be her biological father.

Debra Opri, counsel for Larry Birkhead attempted to argue Judge Seidlin did have jurisdiction over the paternity issues, but Judge Seidlin did not relent.

During today's proceedings as he handed down the order over custody of Smith's body, he repeated he believed the biological father should be known. He said there was enough baloney on that matter and it should end in the interests of the child.


The matter is now in Florida Family Court, Judge Corda.

Attorney Nancy Hess for Larry Birkhead speaks to Court TV Live about the California court's orders for the DNA testing of Dannielynn. Counsel has submitted documentation for the Florida Family Court to domesticate the matter, to reach out to Bahamian Court to help them to enforce the standing California Court order.

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