Monday, February 26, 2007

Crimes of Unnecessary War Need Specified

The state of New Mexico needs to be much more specific in its allegations against George W. Bush. There were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. None were found when the United States finally got to Iraq. The U.S. actually supplied some of these WMD long before, and the United Nations was supposed to track the weapons after a U.N. Resolution was enacted against Iraq around 1993 and onward.

The weapons were moved starting the minute Congress authorized President George W. Bush his war powers, October 2003, and before U.S. troops arrived months later.

There is satellite documentation the weapons were moved.

More coming. The Downing Street Memo, we have compiled information that shows the growing possibility that was a fake memo, and could have been interpreted quite differently depending on language interpretations.

With much more teeth, is the refusal of George W. Bush to enforce the laws of the land regarding illegal aliens and protecting our borders all around the country.

New Mexico Resolution to Impeach Bush and Cheney in Senate Rules Committee
47 min 56 sec - Feb 23, 2007 - Concentric Media and Arthouse Productions

Saddam's secret weapons exports revealed

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