Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What to ask Howard K. Stern about Anna on mushrooms

Judge Seidlin, ask Howard K. Stern about the home video made of Anna Nicole and her friends' (the Shelly's) daughter. In the video, the child is shown painting Anna Nicole's face like a clown.

Ask Stern if he made a statement when taking the film: this will bring in a lot of money.

Ask Stern if he made a statement to Anna Nicole when taking the film: are you on mushrooms?

Ask why he permitted and underage child to "play" clowns with a woman he believed may have been ON DRUGS?

Are these the actions of a responsible father-to-be?

Here goes the counsel for Vergie Arthur who finally got his time to cross Stern, but he did a poor job.

In swoops Debra Opri questioning Howard K. Stern... and Christa Barth raises an objection... asks all her aliases, oh my goodness, Stern just rattles off dozens of names. Did Stern pick up any prescription drugs for any of those names. It's been asked and answered, but yes, he did.

Bank of America card never activated.

Did he ever charge anything with her credit cards? Investigation

was he an officer of ANS

is he the biological father? the Judge would not let him answer the question.

Judge Seidlin says he doesn't want to inflame anything.

Come on Judge. Opri says the answer would go to the heart of impeachment, he testified yesterday he was the natural father under Bahama law.

But he hasn't been asked whether he is the natural father, period.

Judge Seidlin doesn't want to get into this and sandbag anyone...

Well, Judge we're all stuck in the sand - who is Dannielynn's biological father?

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