Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Anna Nicole baby book: Uncle Howard over Stern thumbprint

Disarming. Charming. And little doubt, since Judge Seidlin publicly stated so, impressive. Larry Birkhead. Exclusively asked questions by Judge Larry Seidlin, Larry Birkhead goes through the chronology of his relationship with Anna Nicole Smith. Birkhead noted he and Anna Nicole met by chance at a photo shoot in 2003. Afterwards, months later, Birkhead was asked by Smith, via Harold K. Stern, to do a private photo-shoot of Anna Nicole.

Subsequently the relationship turned from professional to personal about July-August of 2004 for approximately one-year. There was a two-month break from the exclusivity during November and December, 2005 when Anna Nicole visited with a wealthy man Birkhead said was a friend Birkhead had introduced previously to Anna Nicole. In December of that year, Birkhead believed they'd be getting back together and he'd waited out Christmas Eve in a restaurant but she never showed.

In January 2006, Anna Nicole and Birkhead reconciled their differences, he said.

His answers clear up a lot of questions.

Seidlin asks his opinion of the condition Anna Nicole was in when she appeared in the video shown in court.

They backtrack to his and her relationship. He was told about the second baby, he says Anna Nicole Smith miscarried their first child.

In april '06, Anna calls him to come to the hospital. Anna asked if he wanted to know the sex of the baby. He stayed in the room with her and Mr. Stern is sleeping on a cot nearby. Birkhead was concerned with the drugs she'd been on, and he observed Mr. Stern reach into a duffel back and take out other medication to give to her. He was concerned about that and how it would affect the hospital treatment.

At one point, she was writing in her babybook at the hospital.

She placed her thumbprint in the book noting mother. Birkhead placed his thumbprint in the book with Anna Nicole writing, father.

Birkhead says he suggested Stern be included in the book since he was present and Birkhead felt sorry for him. Anna Nicole had Howard come over and put his thumbprint on it, writing over it, Uncle Howard.


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