Friday, February 16, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Last Will 2001 Excludes Future Children

Isn't this astonishing? What a complicated matter - Anna Nicole Smith specifically excludes from her will family, any future spouse/s, and any future children, foster children, adopted children, from her will! But as Howard K. Stern revealed in appearances on tv programs such as Inside Edition - he had been appointed as the guardian of the trust for Daniel. Ashley Banfield Court TV News is catching on, it's beneficial for him not to be married to her, she poses to a guest lawyer... Banfield says there will be seven more days of conspiracy theories after this...

Smith left everything to her son, Danny, in her 2001 last will and testiment.

In discussion among Court TV News commentators, the next of kin to Danny would be Dannielynn.

Named as executor of the will is Howard K. Stern, next Ron Rale...

Discussion centers on whether the child at a later date can challenge the will.

Another lawyer offers that the will doesn't exclude necessarily Dannielynn from inheriting Smith's property, it addresses in the will not providing for any future children...

Ashley Banfield finds it interesting future spouses are included in the exclusionary declaration. How would Stern fit in.

In order for that to be relevant to him, he would have to be her spouse. In California law there is provision for what would be done regarding a spouse.

from first-hand viewing Court TV news

8 PM Nancy Grace is puzzled why Birkhead doesn't file for a paternity hearing now in

Nancy isn't up to speed - the California court has already ordered samples to be taken from Anna Nicole, prior to her death, and from the baby.

The samples must be available by

February 21st.

Stern has not yet complied with that order after Smith's death.

In order for the paternity to be heard in Florida, the California order would have to be vacated.

That would lead to further delay in obtaining samples from Dannielynn.

Feb. 14, 2007 Hollywood Reporter
Anna Nicole Left Everything to Dead Daniel

HOLLYWOOD - Tragic model/actress Anna Nicole Smith left everything to her dead son Daniel and didn't change her will after his death in September.

Smith's longtime attorney and husband-to-be Howard K. Stern has revealed all about his late girlfriend's last will and testament in a tearful interview with TV show Entertainment Tonight.

Stern told reporter Mark Steines that Anna Nicole's will was drawn up in 2001, and never changed.

In the interview, which aired on TV last night, Stern said, "Everything went to her son Daniel. Now, because Daniel's gone and (baby) Dannielynn is an only child, everything goes to Dannielynn. Everything.

"I am named as the executor in that will, and I was also appointed or named as Daniel's guardian in that will. And again, that was way back in 2001."...

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