Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Judge Larry Seidlin Just Find Out Who Is Biological Dad!

This hearing is absolutely tremendous. this Judge is absolutely the best gift Anna Nicole Smith could ever ever have had in life as she has in death.

Intent of Anna Nicole on where she wanted to be buried is still at issue in the proceedings before Judge Seidlin. In probate, intent is painted all over it. Was she on drugs, depressed... in a short version they are going to go into whether she had any drug use.

Oh my goodness, Judge Seidlin is asking Howard K. Stern what drugs was she using?

What prescription drugs in the last three years?

Stern is not responding! He will not answer.

At one point, though, the proceedings are interrupted because the Judge says he needs to know who the father is, he really does, but he still is reluctant to go there. Why is he unwilling to go there?

Anybody can see upon reflection that Anna Nicole Smith let the real father of her child go, she was vindictive, she didn't want the real father to be involved in the child's life.

But guess what. That happens every day in this country. Mothers sometimes don't want the natural fathers involved out of spite.

the child needs to have the state step in and identify the natural father.

Then on behalf of Danielynn the father can give indication where Dannielynn and he would be living, and that's where Anna Nicole should be buried. Arrangements can then be made to have the remains of Daniel Wayne join Anna Nicole.

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