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Anna Nicole Smith Viewing May Be Done In ME Facility

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During court proceedings yesterday in Broward County, Florida, Judge Larry Seidlin received a call from Dr. Joshua Perper, the Chief Medical Examiner. Interrupting counsel for Smith's mother, Vergie Arthur, as he was cross-examining Howard K. Stern in mid-sentence, Seidlin dealt with the call privately, then let the call go through publicly. Dr. Perper said that Anna Nicole Smith's body - though embalmed - is continuing to deteriorate rapidly, more rapidly than expected, and will not be optimal for viewing at a further point in the future.

Judge Seidlin asked whether the medical examiner's office could be utilized for viewing. There was mumbled discussion among the counsel.

Seidlin commented he thought he had two to three weeks. He was moving swiftly before, now it appears he's at lightning speed.

Commentator says Perper said any viewing should be done by Saturday!

No decision was made, but at one point after Howard K. Stern testified and was seated, the Judge asked him to return tomorrow for a couple of hours. Seidlin said he had two airplanes waiting to take Stern back to the Bahamas, and implied their availability for the next day's proceeedings.

While Anna Nicole's mother, Vergie Arthur is seated in the courtroom, along with former boyfriend and purported father of Dannielynn, Larry Birkhead, and companion Harold K Stern, whose name is on the birth certificate for Dannielynn and claims he is the father, discussion centers on viewing of Smith's body.

Let me tell you, this is drama unfolding in a way nobody not even a sitcom writer could have ever predicted.

How tragic. It goes to show we should all make wills, especially when there are minor children involved.

What is the saddest of all - is the child, Dannielynn - now about six months old - was born without the benefit of having the truth, whatever that truth might be, about the identity of her biological father.

Judge Seidlin, at several points throughout, alluded to his seeing the big picture. It seemed after the Inside Edition interview was shown, on a somewhat grainy copy of a videotape, Seidlin really had not expected to see what he viewed.

The videotape shows Anna Nicole Smith seated next to Howard K. Stern. Her speech gets odder as she progresses.

In the videotape, Smith says her mother accuses her of murdering her own son, Daniel, and Howard, too.


One major event occurred during the testimony of Howard K. Stern. Stern was in mid-cross-examination by counsel for Vergie Arthur when the Judge interrupted and asked the Administrator ad litum to pose some series of questions along certain lines of a particular case.

Counsel tried to then assume back the cross-exam, but Seidlin began to hurry things even further along, and denied his continuation.

Personally, I think Seidlin has pretty much made up his mind after learning about the deterioration of Smith's body. I think he's going to order that she be viewed by Saturday by the closest relatives and Stern. I don't think Seidlin wants to actually release the body of Anna Nicole Smith - I think he is going to order that the body remain at the medical examiner's office until all court cases are resolved. That could take years.

Wouldn't that be something. Anna Nichol Smith treated more like a Queen in death, than ever in life.

Stern: Smith wanted to be buried in Bahamas
Dueling court cases deal with burial plans, baby's paternity

Vido of Anna Nicole Smith - Inside Edition 10/06 played during court proceedings

Sep 15, 2006

Final Footage of Anna Nicole Smith Sells for Over $500,000, Turns Up on German TV, Web Site
Friday, February 09, 2007
By Sara Bonisteel

Dramatic video of EMTs struggling to save the life of former Playmate Anna Nicole Smith surfaced Friday on the Web, hours after the paparazzi outlet Splash News & Picture Agency reported that rights to the graphic video sold for more than $500,000.

The video shows paramedics working on the unresponsive reality star as she was wheeled from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Fla. Splash News screened the videotape to potential media buyers at their Los Angeles headquarters just hours after Smith's death Thursday afternoon.

The video, however, turned up Friday morning on the popular German TV channel RTL, and was quickly posted by

The video also was picked up by the,2933,251000,00.html


Anna Nicole Smith's Mother Claims Daniel Wayne Was Murdered
While in the Bahamas...
By: Lowri Williams on 10/11/2006 Photo by: David Gabber/Photorazzi

The grandmother of Anna Nicole Smith’s dead son Daniel Wayne Smith has claimed that her grandson was murdered.

Daniel Wayne, 20 was found dead in his mother’s hospital room in the Bahamas on September 10 just hours after she had given birth to her baby daughter Dannilyn.

After two post mortems toxicology tests revealed that Daniel Wayne had died from a cocktail of drugs in his system.

It was found that Daniel Wayne had taken a concoction of methadone, Zoloft and Lexapro that caused cardiac dysrhythmia leading to his sudden death.

His grandmother Virgie Arthur is unable to accept that his death was accidental she claims that Daniel Wayne “didn’t take an overdose.”

She said to the Sun: “It was murder. The levels of drugs in his body are way too high. Someone has to pay.”...

Playmate's mom: Anna 'liked downers, not uppers'
POSTED: 7:21 a.m. EST, February 21, 2007

...Arthur, a former police officer, testified that she raised Smith's son Daniel as a small child. She said she never met Stern, and believes her daughter fell into bad company and drug abuse. She will return to the stand Wednesday.

Examiner: Bury her now
As the legal battle over Smith's burial dragged on Tuesday, a medical examiner called the judge to report that the condition of the former Playmate's embalmed body continues to deteriorate.

As a result, Smith's body should be buried no later than Saturday, Broward Medical Examiner Joshua A. Perper said.

Stern was on the witness stand when Seidlin took the call. Stern buried his head in his hands.

The medical examiner's call brought a renewed sense of urgency to a courtroom spectacle that is unfolding with all the overripe elements of pulp fiction.

Among the key moments:

Stern testified that Smith, wailing "I want to be buried with him," tried to climb into Daniel's casket when he was buried in the Bahamas after dying last fall from a lethal combination of methadone and anti-depressants.

At times, Stern said, Smith cried herself to sleep clutching a large cardboard cutout of Daniel. She refused to accept his death, he said.

Stern's lawyers played a tape of Smith's last television interview. On the tape, Smith showed deep animosity toward her mother, referring to her as "Mommy Dearest." She said they have no relationship and charged: "She's just out to make a name for herself."

Stern and Arthur are battling over custody of Smith's remains and other issues. The former television reality show star collapsed and died February 8 at a casino hotel near Hollywood, Florida...

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