Thursday, February 15, 2007

This Baby Anna Nicole Smith Body Custody Hearing

Only fiction-writers obviously can envision the conspiracy that could unfold when half-a-billion dollars is at stake. If the Judge in the case reads such, he can surely surmise somebody would have good motive to replace the DNA taken from Smith, and left unguarded first-hand (outside the toxicology examiner's door, according to Perper's testimony).

We'll post the hows later.

Coverage ongling on Court TV with commercial interruption, likewise MSNBC, and CNN's Headline News. Unfortunately, most of them are interrupting the testimony before the Judge Hon. Larry Seidlin with pundits commenting on what is going on.

Watch the video online

And at Court TV

The Anna Nicole Smith case is not mere voyerism on the part of the public. Although the wall to wall coverage on all the networks is obsessive, at times hard to take because of the incessant images of Smith barely clad, the legal case involving custody of Smith's body, production of a will, paternity of the child, civil so-called committment ceremony vs valid marriage ceremony between Smith and Howard K. Stern, common-law marriage, next-of-kin issue, such as daughter, natural, biological mother (Virgie), father of the child (to-be-determined), estranged family, and other matters are as important as any other of the legal mechanizations across this entire nation.

How does America handle its legal matters?

What will be interesting - will all of the news coverage become "evidence?"

Particularly Interesting is Howard K. Stern.

Reportedly, Stern was devastated at Smith's death. But within mere days of her death, what does Stern do? He gets that yacht to the Bahamas!

Is this the action of someone devastated, too distraught to move or take any action? Reportedly, the day of Smith's death, Stern was making arrangements to purchase the yacht and have it transported to the Bahamas.

Days ago, not in any disrespect, the Florida Judge who is to hear the case concerning custody of Smith's body reportedly made a reference to Anna Nicole Smith's body awaiting custody determinations as "this baby..."

Judge: 'Anna Nicole Smith's Body Belongs to Me'; Hearing Thursday
Thursday, February 15, 2007

"We're going to have hearings, as many hearings as we need," Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin said at the start of afternoon proceedings. "This is just a warm-up."

At least three people are seeking control of Smith's body -- her longtime companion Howard K. Stern, her estranged mother Vergie Arthur and photographer Larry Birkhead, who claims to have fathered the model's 5-month-old daughter, Dannielynn.,2933,252134,00.html

Judge says, with the help of the Lord, I am going to do my duty...

Somebody should do their due diligence and thoroughly examine "this baby" Anna Nicole Smith's body as if a crime HAS BEEN COMMITTED.

According to one report on one of the networks, I believe MSNBC - the nurse and/or nanny who found Smith in the room and others did not call 9/11 emergency for 7 minutes!

If nothing else, that inaction is negligence. One woman even said, it appeared to her that Anna Nicole was still breathing, she quickly changed her story in mid-sentence!

Seriously, this situation needs to be investigated now.

Not only should the entire case be investigated on that point, but a will has not yet been produced. Reports in the past few days have also noted that Smith's residence (temporary home) has been ransacked. Stern on Inside Edition said important personal papers WERE REMOVED, were stolen!

Seriously now, who had access to this residence? Without a will, what would happen?

The Judge explains in part this is currently a death investigation, no determination has been made concerning a criminal investigation!

Let's find the transcripts.

Inside Edition


They are discussing the chain of custody of DNA of Smith. They should. Why not have all parties (unfortunate, but necessary) actually accompany the medical examiner obtaining a final DNA sample?

Is there any reason the samples already taken are not good enough? Absolutely!

Someone could be paid off to swith samples! Consider John F. Kennedy's brain tissue, which went missing!

If it can happen with a President of the United States, it can happen with Smith, whose heir stands to inherit half-a-billion!

Oh my shocking. The Judge says he needs to know who the real, biological father of Danielynn actually is! Doesn't he? He poses.

One of the lawyers wants the DNA wants to know the DNA of Smith, the child, the paternity test results, because they have been warned and fear a bait and swithch.

that's why the Judge has Mr. Milstein appointed, to determine and weigh in on these issues... there's a method to this madness.

UCCC JEA, this Judge can enforce what the other Judge said.

this is so revealing.

The Judge wants to satisfy his heart and his conscience. He's putting things in place he says, and is going to tighten this up!

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