Thursday, February 22, 2007

Major reason obtain Howard K. Stern DNA is he good Dad material

Legal commentators are right to point out it isn't really Harold K. Stern's DNA which is needed for a paternity test to determine the biological father of Dannielynn. What is needed is Dannielynn's DNA. That has already been ordered actually by California judge to be taken, and the order has not yet been complied with.

An overlooked reason to obtain Stern's DNA - is he on drugs, and/or was he on drugs at any time during his companionship with Smith?

Net the Truth Online report
from first-hand observation Court TV News, MSNBC Live video, and Fox News

There was a videotape says Debra Opri and allegations that her client's cup was removed - the Judge stops her in mid-sentence.

The testimony of Larry Birkhead continues.

In May of 2006, Anna Nicole went to S. Carolina and then to the Bahamas. He stated his concern about Anna Nicole Smith taking any drugs during her pregnancy.

Judge Seidlin interrupts the testimony to give an overview of Villains and Heroes in the case, he goes over each of the parties in the case... the mother, Larry Birkhead, and Howard K. Stern.

Judge is accusing Howard K. Stern as being some sort of an enabler... if he put his foot down she might have taken flight from Stern!

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