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Anna Nicole Baby Book Reveals Father of Dannielynn

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In Judge Larry Seidlin's court Wednesday, the former boyfriend of Anna Nicole Smith, Larry Birkhead, also taking legal action seeking paternity testing to prove his fatherhood of Smith's child, Dannielynn, testified Anna Nicole Smith kept a baby book in which she wrote the names Mom, Daddy, and Uncle Howard.

In the mid-term of her pregnancy, in April, 2006, Birkhead testified Anna Nicole was rushed to the hospital and he was called to her side. During the phone call, Anna Nicole Smith said she was okay and the baby was okay, did he want to know the sex of the baby.

Birkhead testified he arrived at the hospital, slept in the room with Smith, while Harold K. Stern stayed on a cot in the room.

According to Larry Birkhead, Anna Nicole had "good days and bad days depending on the medication."

While in the hospital, Birkhead said, Anna Nicole Smith maintained a baby book.

She put her own thumbprint in the book and wrote, mom.

She had Larry Birkhead put his thumbprint in the book and wrote, daddy.

She had Howard K. Stern put his thumbprint in the book and wrote, Uncle Howard.

There was no indication Birkhead knew of the location of the Baby Book.

Birkhead also testified about a suicide watch for Anna Nicole Smith while in the hospital.

The one document everybody seems to be ignoring is the existence of Anna Nicole Smith's Baby Book.

A handwriting expert could confirm the produced book is in Smith's own handwriting. Larry Birkhead could confirm his own thumbprint, or if need be, a court could make comparisons of thumbprints.

Friend of Anna Nicole Smith, Ford Shelley, testified on Thursday, it was he who arranged for Anna Nicole Smith to seek a move to the Bahamas, for the purposes of leaving US to avoid a paternity suit, already filed by Larry Birkhead.

Shelley further testified he knew who the father was, Anna Nicole Smith said the father was Larry Birkhead.

In her own hand, Anna Nicole Smith left written evidence of the identity of her child's father.

It's in print in a baby book.

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CNN VIDEO unofficial transcript regarding baby book

In april of 2006, she called me to come to a hospital, she was rushed to the hospital she said don't worry I'm ok and the baby is ok... do you want to know what the baby is... she was in the hospital for two weeks to ... get off medications...

then what happened if anything...

at the same time she was in the hospital she had good times and bad times depending on the medications

she maintained a Baby Book...where she wrote my name in as daddy and my thumbprint and put her name in as the mom and he felt sort of sorry for Harold K. Stern...she said you put your thumbprint in and she wrote Uncle Howard in the baby book.


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Anna Nicole won't submit baby for DNA test
Attorney says reality TV star won't let ex-boyfriend ‘run her life’

Updated: 10:40 a.m. PT Oct 20, 2006

NASSAU, Bahamas - An attorney for Anna Nicole Smith said Friday the reality TV star has no intention of submitting her six-week-old daughter for paternity testing as demanded by an ex-boyfriend.

A lawsuit filed by photographer Larry Birkhead seeks a court order for Smith to bring the girl to California for a DNA test. A birth certificate lists her current boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, as the father of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern.

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TMZ has obtained a copy of the birth certificate for Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern, Anna Nicole Smith's newborn baby daughter.

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