Friday, February 23, 2007

True Guardian Anna Nicole Smith baby should be known

Peter Johnson, Jr. Fox News analyst catches on... the Guardian ad litem should now appear in a Florida court on behalf of Anna Nicole Smith's child and argue that actions in the best interest of the child include the knowledge of the child's biological father.

Exactly. And isn't that what Judge Larry Seidlin has been ranting about since Day One of the custody case of Anna Nicole's body?

Isn't that what Seidlin has been referencing each day during proceedings? When Seidlin presented his final day's order, he made it a point, an emphatic one, to call attention yet again to the child's needs, among those was 'doing right by the child... get together and get the paternity testing completed... stop the baloney..."

Seidlin obviously trusted the Guardian he appointed.

Another aspect of Judge Seidlin's handling of the case is troublesome, however.

During Larry Birkhead's testimony, Birkhead alleged Howard K. Stern had access to medications from a dufflebag brought to the hospital where Anna Nicole was undergoing medical treatment mid-term of her testimony.

Allegedly, Stern helped Anna Nicole to these drugs to supplement the drug treatment detox she was undergoing.

According to Birkhead, a private nurse was also in the room at times. This nurse too was obviously aware of what was happening.

Now doesn't an officer of the law, the Judge, have an obligation to call for an investigation of all of these people who either assisted smith in taking drugs not provided to her through hospital care, or those who stood by and watched as she took such medications?

What liability as well does the hospital have?

Was the child ever tested for status of any drugs in her tiny body?

There are serious questions here, and Judge Seidlin ignored these questions and finding answers to them.

For instance, what if the child had died in childbirth? Wouldn't there be an investigation? The hospital would have been under investigation as well.

What is also disturbing is information came out that Anna Nicole underwent at least one previous miscarriage. Were drugs a contribution to that?

Smith Paternity Dispute Going to Court

Feb 23 9:04 AM US/Eastern

...Birkhead testified during the hearing that he had urged Smith to seek drug treatment. When he visited the Bahamas home Smith and Stern shared last year, he said he became increasingly concerned about her medicine use.

"They kept bringing more and more drugs in the house," Birkhead said, adding that Smith told him she needed the prescriptions to live. When he suggested Smith enter drug rehabilitation, he said she told him: "I'm not a drug addict and quit calling me one."...

Birkhead talks about Anna Nicole Smith drug use

David Glazer
Have to follow the laws of intestacy regarding the will in the jurisdiction where Anna Nicole Smith resided... Court TV Live Feb. 23, 2007

Yes, but there is a dispute concerning her residency in the Bahamas as that may be based on the purchase of a house there...

Florida Judge to Rule On Jurisdiction, DNA in Paternity Hearing for Anna Nicole Smith Baby
Friday, February 23, 2007,2933,254028,00.html

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