Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Howard K. Stern asked about Income

We deduced at this site from commentary made yesterday during the Anna Nicole Smith court proceedings that at some point before Saturday, viewing of Smith's body would be held at the medical examiner's office.

Today, when the group broke for lunch at noon and Judge Seidlin said they wouldn't return til 2:30 and Howard Stern and Vergie Arthur appeared particularly well-groomed, it really didn't take a rocket scientist to determine there would be a viewing in the ME's office.

But at any rate, Splash had helicopters overhead.

After AN death at Hard Rock Stern said he and Anna Nicole built up a relationship with Entertainment Tonight, and Stern flew from Florida to Bahamas with ET paying for that charter. Did Stern give any interviews for remuneration? Yes. Interview video, yes from Florida to the Bahamas. They videotaped the house. Did he discuss with them any remuneration for the use of those tapes. No...

If there were a funeral and if it was televised he believed all proceeds should go to Dannylynn...

Is any third party from media paying for his stay, travel, lodging, food... No.

Oh really, just ask the man if he ever made a million with Anna Nicole for anything first upon the birth of Dannielynn and then since the death of Daniel Wayne Smith.

Named as trustee on behalf of Daniel, blah blah, he's going to waive all his trustee fees, executor fees, etc.

Very interesting, he is on retainer in the litigation in the matter of her deceased husband. 6 percent of potentially 100 million.

Well, that's if Anna Nicole wins that case. If she doesn't, he gets zero. so what is his backup plan.

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