Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stern: "...she was more impaired than that..."

MSNBC: doing a dynamite job, no interruptions over some four hours of late-evening testimony. Hope the transcripts reflect all!

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Howard K. Stern has an exchange with Judge Seidlin over Stern's opinion of Anna Nicole's appearance on the tape wherein she is angered at her mother for charging Anna Nicole and Howard with the murder of Daniel...

Stern's slip of the tongue as he faced the judge: what you see on the video, that's how Anna Nicole would talk... there were times she was more "impaired" than that...

Judge Seidlin: more impaired than that?

Stern immediately attempted to backtrack when the Judge pressed asking whether that meant she was on drugs during the interview talking about Vergie Arthur...

Stern continued to testify that Anna Nicole knew what she was saying, knew what she was doing...

Bombshell: Larry Birkhead made allegations before Judge Seidlin that in April 2006 when Anna was in the hospital for two weeks being weaned off prescription drug medications during her pregnancy, he staying 24/7 by her bedside in the room, he observed Howard K. Stern had a dufflebag that he dipped into for drugs to give to Anna Nicole aside from the medications Anna was getting from the intravenus medications.

Rita Cosby: ... Howard K. Stern didn't come across as being honest

The Judge seemed to love Larry Birkhead... letting him talk about Anna Nicole... and was asked about where to bury Anna Nicole... not a good day for Howard K. Stern.

Rebecca Woodlin ...The thought that Howard K. Stern is bringing in drugs and adding to her iv, that is damaging to Howard K. Stern.


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