Sunday, February 25, 2007

Libertarian Town One-Way Our Way Highway Philosophy Contrary

Well, the concept of a Libertarian town is interesting, but what happens if someone moves in and doesn't believe everything everyone else professes to believe? What if someone believes 80 percent of what the Loving Libertarians believe, but not the remaining 20 percent which might include such controversial issues as abortion, which even Libertarian Party members are split on...

The philosophy being promoted by this one town, one way of thinking, is contrary to Libertarian thought...

That thought pertains to an individual's right of property, self, thought, etc. as unquestioned with the exception of those rights intruding on another individual's right.

Bad idea to form an area of the country which only permits those people who think one way, our way, or the highway...

"We are looking for ways of restoring freedom to Loving County, Texas. The primary emphasis will be on a libertarian philosophy with pro-choice. The focus of discussion will be on practical matters of restoring freedom (To Loving County)."
Source: Committee to Restore Freedom to Loving

Alleged Conspirators Respond to Foiled County Takeover
Larry Pendarvis

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Zack said...

It's pretty simple really:
No one in the Libertarian Autonomous Region would be allowed to punish someone for a victimless act. Yes, most Americans disagree with that political philosophy, and there will be a percentage in the Region who are desirous of punishing those who harm no one; but it is not contrary to libertarian principles to forbid such tyranny. You gotta draw the line somewhere.