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Wexler: Florida Do Over Fraught with Fraud

Asked during a CNN interview about a Florida statewide redo of th Presidential Primary, U.S. Congressman Wexler said an all-mail vote and redo is opposed by the FL Democratic Congressional delegation.

He said an all mail-in balloting like Oregon, which has not been used before would be fraught with fraud!

Wexler said the signatures would have to be checked, indicating neither the resources or will to scour voting records were available so quickly.

Wexler says they all should move towards a fair resolution... will of voters reflected Jan. 29th be respected so all other parties can agree... a compromise... move closer towards other side...

hastily, fraud and to make sure all those who want to vote can vote, senior citizens, those back in another state...

Met with Sen. Nelson, Oregon has had the mail in system 20 years and only just got it right after 13 years...

Sorry, you just have to laugh, don't you. If Oregon just got it right after 13 years, what in the ... happened in the first 7 years? Rampant fraud?

Maybe we should re-do all of Oregon's 7-years' worth of mail-in elections!

The fraud angle has been mentioned over the past several days as a primary reason not to hold the all mail-in re-vote.

CNN's Lou Dobs speaking to Norman Ornstein and Thomas Mann about his belief how simple and easy it would be to have a do-over with a paper ballot mail in.

His guests disagree and cite the security, demographics, everything Dan Tokaji cites as problems, including fraud.

On CNN and elsewhere Congressman Robert Wexler, Democrat of Florida questioned who is going to check the signatures?

CNN The Situation room
Florida Democrat, Robert Wexler, on Opposing Do-Over
Aired March 12, 2008 - 18:00 ET
...And to do another election hastily, Wolf, would cause us to have problems of fraud, would cause us not to be able to make certain that all those that wish to vote get a chance to vote. Everyone would love to have a perfect election or at least a very good one. But I think we would all agree to disenfranchise seniors that might be up in New York State, or North Carolina, to disenfranchise college students, to not be able to find those that are renting, because we don't have the right address, to not be able to authenticate signatures because the only database that the state has is one that Katherine Harris contracted for, these are problems Florida does not need.

Hmm. Who checks the signatures on the absentee ballots? What is there to fear? Aren't the voter registration databases accurate?

The situation is the databases are not accurate. If they were, mailing out ballots to all 4 million registered Democrats in Florida would be doable.

CNN March 10, 2008

Let's talk to Senator Bill Nelson, Democrat of Florida, right now.

You're proposing a mail-in vote in Florida. But even you suggest that there are problems there in the piece you wrote in "The Wall Street Journal," Senator. You said this: "Mail-in balloting, of course, poses some challenges, including matching the signature on each ballot with the signature on a voter's registration card."

I can already see pictures of some guy trying to match signatures to make sure that they're the same, that it isn't fraud. If you're going to do it again, why not do it right? ...

(Net the Truth Online)

The Situation Room Wolf Blitzer
Aired March 12, 2008 - 18:00 ET
Florida Democrat, Robert Wexler, on Opposing Do-Over

John Gideon posts

A Florida Mail-in Primary "do-over" would require law change

Another good reason that a mail-in primary do-over cannot happen in
Florida? It is against the law.

State law only allows referendums to be on a mail ballots and doesn’t allow
for candidates to be named on ballots via stamp and carrier.
An executive order or a law change would be needed to allow
the presidential primary to be recast.


Florida Do Over?
by Jennifer Rubin

Posted: 03/07/2008

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