Friday, March 14, 2008

Barack Obama Faces Destiny American Style

The right-wing Christian conservative base (largely Republican) is waging war on Barack Obama. Sean Hannity appeared to fire the first salvo during his monologue on Hannity and Colmes, before and after showing the full interview of Rev. Jeremiah Wright last March 2007 programming.

A certain segment of Christian evangelicals have already waged war on Oprah Winfrey and her series of web casts based on Eckhart Tolle's new book "A New Earth."

Do a search for the controversy over Oprah's New Earth webcasts

Oprah's new Easter

It remains to be seen whether any left-wing Christian liberals (largely Democratic) will follow suit.

Hillary Clinton may sit back and let the right-wing Christian conservatives jab at Barack Obama, but the instant Clinton or her surrogates on the campaign trail whisper one word questioning Obama and his relationship with Jeremiah Wright she will be history.

Obama has stated to Major Garrett he rejects Rev. Wright's statements...

End of story, unless Clinton wants to make an issue of Obama's 'judgement' in associating with Rev. Wright.

We'll be watching, so should you.

(Net the Truth Online)

March 17, 2008 Barack Obama's Pastor, Jeremiah Wright, Already Damaging Obama

CNN Anderson Cooper 360

Interview With Illinois Senator Barack Obama; Severe Storms Strike Atlanta
Aired March 14, 2008 - 22:00 ET

Obama says his pastor
'pained and angered me'
'Denounces' anti-American, racist rhetoric,
insists he never heard such talk in person
Posted: March 14, 2008 4:43 pm Eastern WorldNetDaily

Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. tears up at the conclusion of his final sermon as senior pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ, Feb. 10, in image from video

Responding to mounting controversy over radical anti-American and racist statements by his pastor, Sen. Barack Obama issued a statement today to the Christian Broadcasting Network saying he strongly condemns and denounces remarks by Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. that disparaged the country or degraded people.

Obama referred to the "firestorm over the last few days" from unearthed video segments of Wright's sermons that the senator described as "some inflammatory and appalling remarks he made about our country, our politics, and my political opponents."

The front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination said he was not in attendance when Wright made any of the statements and never heard such talk in private conversations...

Obama's minister: U.S.
'No. 1 killer in the world' Candidate's role model claims
America made AIDS to wipe out blacks
In another controversial sermon pulled from the archives of Barack Obama's longtime pastor and mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. called America the "No. 1 killer in the world" and blamed the country for launching the AIDS virus to maintain affluence at the expense of the Third World.

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