Friday, March 21, 2008

Vote PA Bird Dogging Ballot Issues Suggestions

Here is the link to VotePA's large signs -- you can print these out on 11 x 17 paper (suggest bright orange, which can be obtained at Kinkos and most Staples, Office Max, etc. copy centers) and then carry as-is or tape to a half-sheet of poster board (again orange suggested, but use whatever works for you!)

General Signs About Optical Scan and Paper Ballots

Signs Supporting HR 5036

We also have tiny, lapel sized signs that you can print out with things like "I AM A VOTER, ASK ME WHY I WANT A PAPER BALLOT" -- great to have one of these pinned on your jacket in case you get up close and personal with a candidate or media.

If there is an Q & A we need to ask bird-dogging questions, like:
"Senator, as President will you pledge to get rid of unverifiable voting machines with no voter marked and voter verified paper ballot?"
"Senator, will you support the rapid passage of HR 5036 to protect THIS election with paper ballots and audits?"
"Senator, in the event you are the nominee, if the worst happens and it looks like you do not win in November will you pledge now not to concede the election until every vote has been fully counted?"

(Think up more bird dogging questions as you will, please!)

With the hot spotlights on PA every day now, we need to develop this strategy and develop it fast! I think we should regroup our weekly Wednesday night conference calls, and post daily candidate and rally schedules where we can go bird dogging!

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