Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Limbaugh: Message to Republicans: Vote for Hillary Clinton

The news media has a stake in the contest continuing throughout the spring and summer months.

Rush Limbaugh said as much to Laura Ingraham just a few days ago.


The stake - news ratings, print media papers being purchased for exclusives... money.

Laura Ingraham Interviews Rush on Fox News Channel
Airdate: February 29, 2008

INGRAHAM: In the Back of the Book segment tonight, radio talk show giant Rush Limbaugh [is] making waves over Tuesday's vote. He's been urging his Republican listeners in Texas and Ohio to vote for Hillary Clinton next week to keep the battle going within the Democratic Party. So could Rush Limbaugh really turn out to be Hillary's white knight? I spoke with him just a few hours ago...


Rush Limbaugh Explains Why He's Urging Republicans in Texas and Ohio to Vote for Hillary Clinton on Super Tuesday 2
Monday, March 03, 2008


And maybe enough will vote for Hillary Clinton to put her over the edge. But the polls have narrowed in Ohio, and reportedly are a dead heat virtual tie in Texas.

Meanwhile, reporting from Ohio University, today, Fox News Network anchor, Alison Camerata interviews former Presidential Democrat contender, Dennis Kucinich.

Kuchinich says Clinton has an 'edge' in Ohio.

Alison doesn't ask, hey Mr. K, what are you basing that on. All the polls have shown Senator Barack Obama 'gaining' ground, closing a former double-digit wide gap, etc.

What poll are you using today?

The current Fox 'n Friends crew interviewing Bob Beckel and Rich Galen. You'd think they would ask them what do either know about Hillary Clinton's and Bill Clinton's joint tax returns.

Nothing? Why not? They won't release the information.

The media all around has motivation to keep this going. Ratings go up for MSNBC, CNN, FOX News...

Lacking in the coverage, the real questions for each of the candidates, or questions that come too late, after the General Election.

When will the media demand Hillary Clinton release her joint tax returns? Have we to this date in time learned from any media source how Hillary Clinton made hundreds of thousands of dollars on a $1,000 futures investment back in the late 80s?

When will the media corner Senator Barack Obama to release every detail of his acquisition of Chicago property after the sale of his book: Audacity of Hope?

When will the media press John McCain about anything related to trips on jets paid for by corporations?

When will the media press Mike Huckabee on new book contracts in the works?

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