Friday, March 14, 2008

Barack Obama Interviewed by Fox Major Garrett

Barack Obama interviewed by Major Garrett

Been a member since 1991 but known Trinity from days when he was an organizer... won't say he was a perfect attendee, but in spurts... donated frequently... married there... two children baptized there by Rev. Wright.

What do you vehemently disagree with and what do you condemn

Obama... none of these statements are ones he heard himself personally in the pews. He learned of one statement a while back and he disavowed that one. Others he heard just recently... he's uncomfortable with the statements... had he heard them he would have been clear then he found them unacceptable.

Would he have left the church?

Obama... he's known Rev. Wright for 20 years... he's a well-regarded social pastor... messages he was hearing were social philosophy... the ones he's aware of now are not reflective of his own values.

If he had heard them repeated, he would have quit... he's like an uncle... helped him find Christ... talked to him about obligations in life... the poor...

Knew about one or two statements before he put Wright on spiritual advisory committee... not repeated... not aware of other statements until recently... he's no longer on his committee... his judgement at the time was this was not as problematic... as it seems over the course of the past days...

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RAW DATA: Obama’s Statement Condemning His Pastor’s Controversial Sermons
Friday, March 14, 2008
The following statement was released by the Barack Obama campaign Friday in response to criticism over sermons delivered by his pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.:

On My Faith and My Church...

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