Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Letter to PA Governor Ed Rendell

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The letter is too important to miss.

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A Letter to Governer Rendell D PA
By Calvin, Jr. - Feb 13th, 2008 at 12:39 am EST

Dear Gov. Rendell, I was appalled to read your comments concerning the likelihood of an African-American succeeding when presented before the Pennsylvania electorate. First and foremost as the Chief Executive of this great commonwealth, to make such a comment regardless of your own personal beliefs before the media shows a lack of judgment and reserve that is alarming when juxtaposed with the esteem of your office. I am ashamed and saddened that you lack the judgment and strength of character to think before you speak.

My deepest concern is that such thoughtless commentary may in someway be linked to some sort of quid pro quo from the Clinton Campaign. I want to be clear should Senator Clinton win the Democratic Party Nomination, and your name appears on her vice presidential shortlist or for a cabinet position. I will ACTIVELY engage via phone, fax, email, and comprehensive grassroots activisms every mechanism available to block your endeavor working tirelessly to ensure that you never receive Senate confirmation or support at the Democratic National Convention. I am one person, with one vote, but one thing I have learned from this primary season is that my active participation can bring about change; change in my family, my city, my state, my nation, my life! I am sure that their are many likeminded residents of this commonwealth who feel the same.

Lastly, your statement shows just how out of touch you have become with the people who have placed you in your high office. While there will always be people in this commonwealth and this nation who live in fear, whether based on ethnicity, gender, or sexuality. The good news is that with every day that passes those people are falling more and more into the minority not the majority. This is what this primary season has become the litmus test for progress, the changing of the guard; the old thought is; black against white, male against female, young verses old: What we are learning though is that the balance is shifting to a truly fair and United States of America. I believe that this great commonwealth and its citizens are just as ready to be part of that unified vision as the citizens of Alabama, Iowa, Virginia, and Georgia! It is sad that our Chief Executive views his electorate through the cataract of yesterday.

Calvin K. Skinner, Jr

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