Friday, March 14, 2008

Party Switching Occuring in Pennsylvania

Not surprising that the party switching is happening in Pennsylvania. Slightly more in some counties for the Democrat Party side, but many switched to Republican even though John McCain has reportedly become the 'presumptive presidential' nominee.

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Daily Courier
Clinton vs. Obama fuels party switch
By Rich Cholodofsky
Thursday, March 13, 2008

With Sen. John McCain all but assured of the GOP presidential nomination, Denis Zuzik wanted the chance to choose a candidate in the primary election.
So Zuzik, a Republican, opted to do what 1,001 other Westmoreland voters did: he changed his party affiliation in order to choose between Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton.

"There was no one left to vote for among the Republicans, and I have a very strong feeling on the two Democrats. I am vehemently opposed to another Clinton or Bush in the White House," said Zuzik, an attorney from Greensburg who is not a McCain fan.

Since the November election, 1,002 people changed their party affiliation to Democrat. Another 604 voters have moved to the GOP from other political parties.

In Fayette County, 271 voters switched to the Democratic Party while 211 changed their registration to Republican, according to Election Bureau Director Laurie Lint.

Party-switching is a trend that officials expect to continue until March 24, the deadline for voters to register to participate in the April 22 primary.

Westmoreland County Election Bureau Director Jim Montini said the steady flow of voters coming to the courthouse to change their party affiliation has been unusual.

"The closer we get to March 24, the more we'll get," Montini predicted.

The numbers are even more impressive considering that neither party nor any of the presidential candidates have yet formalized any voter registration drives in the county.

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