Sunday, March 16, 2008

Net the Truth Online Tracking PA Superdelegates

Commentary forthcoming as we are nearing 1000 posts here. We're not forgetting about a host of other PA state issues as we track events leading up to our Pennsylvania state Primary Election April 22, 2008.

More taxation is coming our way. The state legislators have pretty much abandoned tackling school property tax elimination and have yet to present any decent proposal for a reform of that taxation system.

The local contingency of state representatives have yet to reveal how they will vote on extending a tax forgiveness program known as Keystone Opportunity Zones.

Meanwhile, local a hotel tax will be adopted and there will be a really big meeting so the voters can talk about what will happen with the new monies. Nobody will likely condemn the commissioners who desire the new tax for implementing the tax and ensuring the continuation of programs the county shouldn't be engaged in anyway.

On the national level, we'll revisit the issue of discharge petitions.

global warming controversy remains 'hot' even though it's been the coldest season on record since the 1980s or something.

And don't you want to know all of the names of those Pennsylvania superdelegates? We do. We want to suggest a ream of names for new births among the two-party majority parents, or any independents who want to mix and match.

(Net the Truth Online)

Super silence: Local superdelegates aren’t backing anyone, yet
By J.D. Prose, Times Staff
Published: Thursday, March 6, 2008 9:40 PM EST
U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton curtailed U.S. Sen. Barack Obama’s momentum with campaign-saving victories in the Ohio and Texas primaries, but those results haven’t swayed local superdelegates to publicly endorse either candidate as the race moves to Pennsylvania and its April 22 primary.

Friday, March 14, 2008 17:55 EDT
Who wants to be a Democrat?
Pennsylvania's Democratic primary is still over a month away, but Barack Obama's campaign is already out in full force in the Keystone State.

NYT SUNDAY: Superdelegates 'growing increasingly concerned'

Published: March 16, 2008
WASHINGTON — Lacking a clear route to the selection of a Democratic presidential nominee, the party’s uncommitted superdelegates say they are growing increasingly concerned about the risks of a prolonged fight between Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama, and perplexed about how to resolve the conflict...

Pelosi Says Superdelegates Should Not Overturn Primary Results
by Associated Press
Saturday, March 15, 2008

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says it would be damaging to the Democratic party for its leaders to buck the will of national convention delegates picked in primaries and caucuses, a declaration that gives a boost to Sen. Barack Obama...

...Obama leads Clinton by 142 pledged delegates — those delegates picked in nomination contests to date, in The Associated Press’ count.

Barring an unlikely string of landslide victories by the former first lady in the remaining states, he will end the primary season with a delegate lead, but short of the 2025 needed to win the nomination.

That gives the balance of power to the so-called superdelegates, prominent Democrats who are automatically entitled to attend the convention because of their status as members of Congress or other leaders. Clinton leads Obama for their support in the AP count, 249-213.

Pelosi’s comments could influence other House Democrats who are neutral in the presidential race and will attend the convention as superdelegates.

In her interview, Pelosi also said that even if one candidate winds up with a larger share of the popular vote than the delegate leader, the candidate who has more delegates should prevail.

“It’s a delegate race,” she said. “The way the system works is that the delegates choose the nominee.”

More than 500 delegates remain to be picked in primaries beginning on April 22 in Pennsylvania, which has 158 at stake on April 22...

10 PA Superdelegates Voting for Clinton, many others undecided
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Pennsylvania superdelegate endorses Obama
By Salena Zito
Friday, February 22, 2008

A retired union leader today became the fourth superdelegate from Pennsylvania to endorse Democrat Barack Obama's presidential campaign, and the second to do so this week...

Half of state's superdelegates back Clinton
By Salena Zito
Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Results: Campaign Tallies of the Superdelegates

Wednesday, March 12, 2008 Superdelegate Ups and Downs

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