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Michigan Re-Vote Unlikely

Who would've been able to re-vote in either a Michigan revote or Florida revote. That's the central question.

Florida Democrats have decided against a re-vote, and Michigan Democrats are pulling back from at least considering e-voting or Internet voting and mail-in revoting.

Reports today reflect a potential total rejection of a revote of any sort.

discussion is centering on the DNC Rules Committee and what may be happening there either before the August convention or during.

DNC Elects Standing Committee Leadership for 2008 Democratic National Convention


Will there be 'same day' voter registration? Anyone who shows up, gets to vote?

The process that already occurred was with full disclosure to the voters.

How would the do-over pass constitutional muster. The primary election process involves the state resources, and isn't there something about one-person one-vote.

It's not supposed to be one vote today, one vote tomorrow when everybody knows the results of the previous vote.

That just seems totally un-American.

As far as what the Democrat Party determines about the seating or not seating or how to seat delegates - that should be left up to the Party to duke it out.

An election has been held. Once is it.

Taxation is compelled. The state voter registration rolls will be used in the re-vote, but they have already been used once.

If the Democrat Party wants to hold another selection process in Michigan - go ahead - but do it without any state involvement or any resources that are not already in possession of the DP.

The state should not collude in a clearly un-American process - voting after the fact when results are known is so un-American, I'm disheartened it's even a consideration.

The idea a re-vote can be held at all - after the fact of an 'election' and its known results - is more than disturbing.

Why don't we have a re-vote in Texas, too, as some of those tiny jurisdictions didn't even have any voting because a local Party had not been established and there was no Party chair, and there were no nominating ballots?

21 Texas counties won't have both primaries
By ALICIA A. CALDWELL / Associated Press Writer
Article Launched: 03/01/2008 03:09:56 PM MST


Weren't individual voters disenfranchised there?

The promotion for the re-vote in FL and MI is individuals were 'disenfranchised.' There have been no official complaints of disenfranchisement or guess who'd be showing up at the 'state' door?

The nation of laws can't have 'cherry picking' of certain states to conduct do-overs of elections wherein there is no evidence brought forth of unconstitutional activity - such as targeted disenfranchisement.

If Michigan and Florida are permitted another election process during the same 'election cycle,' the nation may as well start calling itself other than the United States of America and the President - the President of Do-Overs.

We might as well be living in Jericho. (Fictional)

(Net the Truth Online)

When used in this Act:
(1) The term “election” means—

(D) a primary election held for the expression of a preference for the nomination of individuals for election to the office of President

(25) Election cycle.— For purposes of sections 441a (i) and 441a–1 of this title and paragraph (26), the term “election cycle” means the period beginning on the day after the date of the most recent election for the specific office or seat that a candidate is seeking and ending on the date of the next election for that office or seat. For purposes of the preceding sentence, a primary election and a general election shall be considered to be separate elections.


Posted: Tuesday, 18 March 2008 11:36AM

Democratic Re-do Likely Won't Happen

Lansing (WWJ) -- It's appearing more and more likely there will not be a re-do of the Democratic presidential primary election. WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick reports state Senate Democrats came out of a closed door meeting Tuesday morning and said there are not enough votes to approve a re-do.

Legislative approval is necessary for a re-vote to happen.

Speaking live on WWJ, Skubick said it would take a "miracle" to have the re-do approved, but he added it's still possible.

There has been no comment from the Michigan Democratic Party. A spokesman said they are waiting to see what the legislature does.


updated 2:28 p.m. EDT, Fri March 14, 2008
Plan: Michigan revote would be in June
From John Roberts

(CNN) -- A proposal is taking shape for Michigan Democrats to hold a new presidential primary, a Democratic source close to the negotiations says.

The national Democratic Party has refused to recognize the results of the first vote, held two months ago.

Under the proposal, Michigan would hold another primary on June 3.

The Democratic Party would reimburse the state for the cost of running the election, ensuring that cash was in hand before the voting began.


No Primary Redo for Florida
Anderson Cooper
Aired March 17, 2008 - 23:00 ET


No Revote in Florida


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