Wednesday, March 05, 2008

People Power Plus Aided County Reversal

Though the commissioners who reversed a position on adopting paperless DRE's despite citizens' protests of the action credited lack of 'assurances' and 'guarantees' for adopting the paper ballot accessible AutoMark with voting precinct scanner, protestors should be given some credit.

Had they just let everything go, not asked questions, not bothered with showing up, it's pretty likely the commissioners would have stuck with the original decision.

(Net the Truth Online)

Breaking News: Commissioners choose paper ballots 3:17 p.m.
By: David Singleton / STAFF WRITER

Lackawanna County voters will be using paper ballots for the April 22 primary and into the foreseeable future.

Less than three weeks after deciding to purchase electronic touch-screen voting machines, the commissioners reversed course Tuesday and announced the county will buy an optical-scan voting system from Election Systems and Software for $1.3 million.

The commissioners said they still prefer touch-screen machines but were unable to get the assurances they felt were necessary to protect the taxpayers' investment from vendor Premier Election Solutions.

Unlike the November general election, when the county tallied all the paper ballot votes during a central count at St. Mary's Center, the new system will provide for at least one scanner at each voting district.

Commissioners favor e-vote machines, despite protest with video 4:00 p.m.

Carrying signs reading, "Elections need a paper trail," and, "We want secure elections," the protestors urged Mr. O'Brien and fellow majority Commissioner Mike Washo to go with paper ballots for the April 22 primary.

Scott Township resident Alex Allen said electronic voting offers no way to verify the votes after they are cast.

"We want paper ballots, not vapor ballots," he said.

The protest was organized by Operation Democracy. Coordinator Roxanne Pauline said there is still time for the commissioners to reverse course and opt for paper ballots in the primary.

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