Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lou Dobbs Independent Populist Movement A Go?

Dobbs soapbox for the past several months includes his pronouncement there has been a need for a national independent populist movement to replace the two-majority party system. His reasoning is the leaders put forth by those two parties - Democrats and Republicans - are not taking positions on issues which are 'for the good' of all U.S. citizens.

Circumstances could occur in Dobbs' lifetime for such an independent populist movement to come to real life not just in his mind.

If the Democratic Party had held a re-vote in Florida and Michigan, using 'paper ballot' mail in process, and the results were in any way disputed (any fraud, any disenfranchisement, merely alleged by either candidate) that chaos alone could have given Dobbs' concept the swifter kick it needs to arrive on-demand now. That MI is backing off I-vote or mail-in votes isn't surprising as talk of such fraud has figured prominently in discussions among Democrats.

Given the right timing that currently exists, the Democrats need only to turn off half their members across the country to propel them towards Dobbs waiting with open arms.

Dobbs is already floating the idea that no matter what happens with the delegate distribution from FL (as Fl won't hold the mail-in re-vote) the results are bound to disenchant supporters of one or the other candidate.

Dobbs couldn't be positioned any better if he'd had a hand in the planning.

(Net the Truth Online)

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