Friday, March 07, 2008

Hillary Clinton Tells Youth eVoting OK 2006

Hillary Clinton A OK with electronic paperless voting? Hmm. Wonder why?

According to a couple of live on-the scene bloggers, February 07, 2006, the comment was made during a Hillary Clinton appearance at an American Democracy Institute event before an audience of students.

Why does this matter now? Hillary Clinton says one thing one year, another thing another year, depending on what the polls say will benefit her the most.

(Net the Truth Online)

You Can Change the World,Kids! We Just Don't Know Exactly How

...Add to that her stirring defense of paperless electronic voting, which held up India (this India) as the gold standard for electoral systems,

Sen. Clinton's speech was fairly fluffy and trying to speak the language of the youth, the 1000 or so students and young professionals in the room. She spoke a lot on how the youth are already involved in the process: volunteering, voting, in public service... She said that the youth of today are more involved than in her day and that we are actively proving wrong the stereotype of the apathetic youth...

Sen. Clinton also spoke of the difficulties of Americans not having access to [universal] healthcare. Something she fought so hard for when Bill was president. She's since backed off of universal healthcare issues, that's too bad. She also spoke of eVoting, something eRobin is very very familiar with. eRobin was less than pleased with Clinton's lauding of paperless eVoting...

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