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Rezko Trial Comes at Opportune Time

Updated 3/9/08 In our original post "Resko Trial Comes at Opportune Time" published March 6, 2008 we misspelled the name of Tony Rezko. We based the spelling on the article Jury Selection In Tony Resko Political Corruption Trial Begins Monday In Chicago March 3, 2008 1:33 p.m. EST

In the interest of accuracy, we've reposted our commentary with the name correction.

An informative commentary was made to the post, but included 4 full articles. In the interest of clarity, we've cited article titles, and provided links to the material cited.

Original Post by Net the Truth Online

You gotta wonder why now?

Jury Selection In Tony Resko Political Corruption Trial Begins Monday In Chicago
March 3, 2008 1:33 p.m. EST

So why is an investigation into alleged corruption by Tony Rezko beginning now just when Senator Barack Obama has the lead in committed delegates to Hillary Clinton's? A coincidence?

When was the last time you heard of any investigation of corruption of anybody connected to a presidential candidate at the same time the candidate was seeking the nomination in Primary or caucus elections?

Ah never? Not in the history of this country, the United States of America?

How about when Bill Clinton sought the Democrat Party nomination for the presidency back in 1991-1992? Anybody ever hear of any 'shady' land dealings then? Nope?

Right. No investigation into remember him, Jim McDougal, began while Clinton sought the Party nomination for President of the United States. But later, investigations began. And those mesmerized by the Clintons have yet to read between the lines and see the truth of McDougal's trial later, after Clinton won the presidency.

Don't be fooled by the Clintons. They are adept at psychological warfare. According to no less than Pulitzer Prize winner investigative reporter Carl Bernstein, the Clintons have engaged in psychological warfare against Barack Obama.

Carl Bernstein: Psychological Warfare Observed
February 19, 2008

This week, Hillary Clinton's aide likens Obama to Ken Starr following the release of a March 5 memo entitled: Re: Tax Returns: What does Clinton have to hide?

Just think about it. Why bring up Ken Starr's name now, within days of the Rezko trial opening?

Conjures up the victim role yet again...

Once Upon a Time in Arkansas

...Mrs. Clinton took a much closer interest in Whitewater Development Corporation than her husband. Additionally, as a lawyer with Little Rock's Rose Law Firm, Hillary Clinton did legal work for Madison Guaranty, the savings and loan James McDougal bought in 1982. One matter she worked on for Madison was McDougal's Castle Grande real estate development, a deal federal bank examiners later called a "sham."

Gore Returns Fire in Clinton Land-Deal Affair
By Paul F. HorvitzPublished: MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 1994

...The Clintons' investment in a resort called Whitewater has come under scrutiny because their former partner in the failed development project ran a savings bank in Arkansas that is under federal investigation.

The bank's depositors needed a federal bailout, and some bank funds may have been used by the partner to help finance Mr. Clinton's political campaigns in Arkansas.

Moreover, Mrs. Clinton, a lawyer, was temporarily involved in the bank's legal matters. And questions have been raised about the role in overseeing the bank of an appointee of Mr. Clinton's while he was governor.

But there has been no substantive report so far that the Clintons did anything illegal or knew of the source of the campaign contributions. The Clintons say they lost money on the failed land project.


Wiki James McDougal

A comment (by Peg) was made to our March 6 misspelled post which was short enough

If only the Mainstream Press would do their job:

Peg then inserted complete articles in the comment. We've posted the links - check them all.

Welcome to the website for John K. Wilson’s new book, Barack Obama: This Improbable Quest (Paradigm Publishers, October 2007).

The Real Story of Rezko and Obama: 10 Myths Debunked
by John K Wilson Tue Jan 29, 2008 at 02:20:40 PM PST

Location of article:

By Gary Cohen - March 6, 2008, 6:04AM

Clinton's national co-chair received donations from RezkoThree of the co-defendants at Rezko trial contributed to Clintons and campaign supporters. Obama didn't receive any donations from Rezko.

Clintons got money from Rezko co-defendants by margieburns on Sat 02 Feb 2008 01:26 PM EST

The New Republic
With Friends Like These ... by Marin Cogan, Melanie Mason, and Barron YoungSmith
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Clintons' shadiest donors.
Post Date Monday, February 04, 2008

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