Thursday, March 13, 2008

Obama Truth: Sourcewatch Distorts Pre-Campaign Actions?

One gets the sense Senator Barack Obama was employing a grasp of financial reality not political trickery when he accepted that just so awful PAC money pre-campaign announcement - yes, I'm in.

Upon Obama's actual step into the White House race, he reportedly rejected 'lobbyist' funding and political action committee funding after his Presidential exploratory committee activities ended and his Presidential campaign began.

Watch Sourcewatch use selective resources in its attempt to out Senator Obama for any misstep after Obama announced he wouldn't accept lobbyists' or PAC monies, would release 'bundling' stats... Obama went to the extent of actually returning 'lobbyists' monies once discovered...

Then there's Alternet...

Why are we linking several of these orgs together? They are linked. Track pack to funding received by many of these orgs and see where their own finances originate.

We did a few years back. Then, conduct further research to see exactly who cites whom in reports and 'news' articles and who funds them.

Think outside the box, no matter what you read. Be skeptical... question... what is the motivation for everything...

April 14, 2007, 11:55 am
Obama Returns Lobbyists’ Donations
By Jeff Zeleny

Senator Barack Obama’s campaign said late Friday that it had returned more than $50,000 in donations after learning that the contributors were federal lobbyists, which the campaign had pledged not to accept money from.
Mr. Obama raised $25 million during the first quarter of the fundraising period. A spokesman said Friday that the campaign had returned 49 political contributions totaling $50,566.

“Giving back these donations is part of our best efforts to ensure we stay true to our commitment to not take money from federal lobbyists,” said Bill Burton, a campaign spokesman.

The disclosure came late Friday, two days before first-quarter fundraising reports are due at the Federal Election Commission. The campaign made the announcement to preempt its disclosure report, which will include names of at least some of the lobbyists because their checks were deposited and not caught until a more thorough vetting process occurred.

Obama's Line on Lobbyists Is Misleading
By Trudy Lieberman , Columbia Journalism Review. Posted February 26, 2008.

Democrats' Purity Primary
Washington Post | August 22, 2007
By Ruth Marcus

John Edwards and Barack Obama won't take lobbyist money; Hillary Clinton will. Edwards, angling for attention in the purity primary, has kicked things up a notch. He is calling on all Democrats to reject lobbyist contributions, and calling on Obama to join him in that call.

"Not a dime from a Washington lobbyist," Edwards declared at the Yearly Kos convention. "Their money is no good with us."

Barack Obama Campaign Financing

Obama "used campaign donations generated by PACs and lobbyists to bankroll the birth of his White House bid -- though he's banning that money for his presidential 2008 race," Lynn Sweet reported[2] February 9, 2007, in the Chicago Sun-Times.

"Obama's conversion to a laudable higher standard does not negate that money from sources he now disdains helped paved the way for his kickoff in Springfield [Illinois] on Saturday [February 10, 2007]...


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