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Ohio Past and Present Voting Situation Questionable Practices

Progress Ohio picks up on untested and to be tested BBV "theory of a crime."

Original BBV Bev Harris post and forum comments

3-20-08: Is ballot alteration possible on a massive scale?

We have to question here at Net the Truth Online - are little ole Jane and John handling elections locally or Herbie or Hallie handling transport of paper ballots in vans going to risk life and limb to conspire to 'erase' original paper ballots, using flammable materials, and make substitutions - in one state or in a national conspiracy to fraud a presidential election?

The reason "check washing" techniques may be criminally used in financial schemes is because there is a ton of money at stake.

Should the procedures go as planned, without loss of life - there is monetary gain.

More and more, we're coming to suspect that may be what is influencing such unsubstantiated claims of fraud ongoing at BBV.

Now another theory pertaining to paper ballots from a crowd that overall supports what in elections? Hand-counted paper ballots!

And on the current post, therei's a request for donations.

Just send in your $100 bucks for the efforts. Gag.

(Net the Truth Online)(March 22, 2008)

Will history repeat itself in Ohio?

A board discussion unique to Black Box Voting is ongoing after the Primary election in Ohio. BBV posters are actively discussing the ramifications of local officials being confused or improperly advised and informed about whether or not to remove 'stubs' attached to paper ballots before the ballots were placed in the ballot box, by the voter. Group participants have gone to the extent of posting an image of the ballot stub under discussion.

First, the selected articles showing the voter confusion over wording on the stubs, do not remove, and what officials were told to do... pollworkers confusion, etc.

Will Your Vote Count Today?
Tuesday, March 4th, 2008
From Have Coffee Will Talk:

To tear or not tear? That could be the 4 March 2008 question in Ohio. At the bottom of your ballot today there are two thin strips that read: do not remove this strip or your vote will not count. Here’s the problem: some poll workers have different instructions and are ignoring what the strip says.

Re: stubs
Written by: Gloria Ferris
When I received pollworker training earlier this month, many of us questioned the fact that the stub said DO NOT REMOVE. No one thought that it would be a big deal. Obviously, that thought was a bit naive. The stub has to be removed and put into the tab envelope. At the end of the day, the stubs in that envelope will be counted and will be checked against the number of voters who signed the poll books. Given a few exceptions for soiled and defaced ballots which also are counted the numbers should tally.

This is actually one of the checks and balances needed to assure that numbers counted at the polling place will then correspond with the number of ballots counted for that precinct at the board of elections.

Questions mounting about ballot stubs
Posted by Michael Scott and Donna J. Miller March 04, 2008 10:08AM
Categories: At the polls
A growing number of Cuyahoga County voters this morning are saying they are having problems with pollworkers telling them to remove a tab on their ballot that specifically says "Do not remove."

Cuyahoga Elections Board Director Jane Platten is expected to address media at 11:30 to answer questions about the matter, but an elections official said earlier this morning "tab on, tab off, it doesn't matter. Every vote will count."

The elections official said unofficially that the message on the ballot was only to tell voters not to remove the tab -- which has the same number as the ballot itself -- until they place their paper ballot in a sealed box. He said every polling site was called this morning and poll workers were instructed to count every vote, regardless of whether the tab was removed.

Dozens of voters commenting on blogs have also debated whether the tab should be removed.

Some voters also have said that as they were waiting in line to place their ballots in a secure box, they have sometimes folded them in half to keep their vote secret, but pollworkers told them not to so their ballot is uncreased when it is counted.

In Ohio, Voting Problems And High Turnout Save Email Print

Posted: 11:00 PM Mar 4, 2008
Last Updated: 11:00 PM Mar 4, 2008

...The Cuyahoga County elections board, working to improve an image tarnished by a recent history of lost ballots, absent or poorly trained poll workers and vote counts lasting through the week, sent out a notice that the stubs should be removed only by election workers.

In suburban Parma Heights, some midmorning voters said they had been instructed by poll workers to remove the stubs.

With 250,000 registered Democrats, Cleveland and Cuyahoga County could be critical to the Democratic primary campaigns of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

The paper ballots promised simplicity but could mean slower counting.

Ohio's top elections official, Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat elected in 2006 with a promise to reform the system, wants 53 other Ohio counties that use electronic voting machines to switch to paper. For the primary she only required them to make paper ballots available to voters who ask for them.

Subject: WARNING for Cuyahoga County voters

Discussion and supplementary material links

Ohio Laws and Rules (note date of material)

"Poll Worker Manual":

The "Mid Day Drop Off" of ballots 7 steps are on Pg 31 for those interested.

UPDATE: Bev has posted (3-4-08/11:31am) the SOS's rules for transportation of votes here. She also said that this is where there can be BIG holes in the chain of custody that "will take on much higher risk for substitutions":

Stub image


Two Convicted for Ohio Vote Fraud, Media Leaves Out They're Democrats
By Warner Todd Huston | November 6, 2007 - 04:02 ET

We have seen over and over again how the MSM (and the AP in particular) can't seem to force themselves to mention the party affiliation of some elected official accused and/or convicted of a crime if that official happens to be a Democrat. Now the MSM has expanded that from elected officials even to party workers. The AP reports a story on two Democrat election officials convicted of recount rigging and neglect of official duties for their actions during the 2004 elections but, for some hard to determine reason, few if any news sources are mentioning that these two are Democrats.

Everest Report

Ohio counties could switch voting equipment
Tim Botos
GateHouse News Service
Sat Dec 29, 2007, 05:55 PM EST

Daniel Tokaji, an Ohio State University law professor and expert on the state’s elections law, is critical of EVEREST in his blog:

“In the end, the EVEREST report doesn’t make a convincing case for Ohio’s scrapping its existing technology -- particularly for 2008, a timetable that would wreak havoc on local election officials and, ultimately, inure to the detriment of voters ... there’s a wide gulf between EVEREST’s findings, which warrant careful attention, and its recommendations, which aren’t supported by the evidence and have a seat-of-the-pants feel to them.”

Discussion Ohio and Bruneer and Everest Report

Black Box Voting
Bev Harris
3-4-08: Will Ohio have its own 'Butch & Hoppy Show'? And: Best and Worst Places to Vote
In a stunning, and perhaps partisan, act of election administration oddness, Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner exploited a good independent study of voting machine vulnerabilities (the (EVEREST study) to install mitigations that don't actually match the report's findings. Among these "mitigations": reduction of the number of polling places, and introduction of a high-risk central count model in Cuyahoga County.

Central count systems do not count ballots at the polling places, but instead transport all ballots to a central location for counting. The transportation phase is perhaps the single riskiest phase in the entire election, especially when there is no record of the count BEFORE the ballots are transported.

Absentee voting, ballot transport, and central count systems are traditional strongholds for the Democratic party machine's election tampering, hence the raised eyebrow regarding whether there is a partisan flavor to Democrat Jennifer Brunner's unusual actions.

In another area, Brunner joins former Ohio Republican Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell in disabling an important safeguard: the posting of results at the polling place before memory cards are transported (also called cartridges, PEBs, what have you, these are electronic ballot boxes). In the Ohio locations that still electronically count ballots at the polling place, the posting of this results tape BEFORE information enters the risky transportation phase offers citizens a means to check whether the "central tabulation" (combined precinct totals) matches the precinct results before vote data was transported. It also provides a check and balance against substitution of memory cards, cartridges, PEBs. But Brunner has joined the straight-up bad decision of Blackwell by deciding there will be no posting of precinct results at the polling place...

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