Monday, March 24, 2008

Fox Rewrites Barack Obama typical White People Comment

Fox 'n Friends attempt to rewrite history. The threesome replayed their pre-weekend episode wherein Brian Kilmeade walked off the set. We didn't mention that part of the Fox episodic TV last Friday, but other blogs did, including the couple we linked in our earlier post.

We focused not on Kilmeade's antics, whatever they were about.

Our focus was the comments of well-respected and award-winning journalist, Chris Wallace's chastisement of the trio's earlier morning segments which focused on Barack Obama and his comment "typical white people" almost exclusively.

We linked to the site newsbuster which claims "we watch Fox so you don't have to."

We linked to the Huffington Post because the HP additionally included hundreds of comments.

This morning, Gretchen attempted to again twist Obama's words and Kilmeade attempted to continue to set her straight, in his own way.

But hey, watch it all for yourself on youtube...

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