Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Carter Baker Commission Election Reform Revisited

The Carter/Baker Commission was somewhat of a start in our day and time to address inherently built-in systemattic problems in our election system.

Among its members were those who were by their occupations supposed to be able to be sterlingly impartial. University professors and scholars were among the mix.

The disturbing aspect to the commission's recommendations was the partisan flak the commission received from its recommendation for a voter identification system. One has to wonder whether charges the commission was itself partisan is coming more from opposition to the idea of the voter id than from the actuality of commission 'partisanship.'

The dissent to the commission's report and the commentary on the dissenter's website are to be taken as evidence of partisanship, not the other way around.

(Net the Truth Online)
Jimmy Carter & James Baker Co-Chair Commission on Federal Election Reform
David M Rosenberg rosenberg at MIT.EDU
Sun Mar 27 10:29:38 PST 2005

Christian Science Monitor
from the September 22, 2005 editionCarter-Baker Commission Report Imperiled by its Partisan Voter ID Mandate
Richard Hasen

Spencer Overton, Commission member, dissenting views on the Carter-Baker Commission's photo ID proposal.

Conference on Election Reform

Robert A. Pastor

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