Thursday, March 27, 2008

Obama Inspiring Social Activism in Philadelphia Elsewhere

Obama Works

Obama Works is a grassroots organization currently taking shape nationwide. Obama Works volunteers intend to implement Barack Obama’s message of change through public service, harnessing the immense energy created by his presidential bid to serve their communities.

Our group, according to organizer Amirah Naim, is ‘‘working to transcend our differences and transform our country.’’

We have begun by organizing local Obama supporters throughout PA, CT and NJ, to show our communities that politics is not merely about elections, but about civic participation. We will continue to develop these projects nationwide through the primaries, the general election, and beyond.

Obama Works is a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting a new kind of politics. Inspired by Barack Obama's experience as a community organizer and his message that ordinary citizens can create real change, Obama Works seeks to unite politics and service by mobilizing Obama supporters to improve their neighborhoods through public service.

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