Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Silence Deafening Lack Nonstop News Obama Speech Clips

Update. While early analysis of Obama's speech was lacking from cable news programming, the networks heavily covered after 4 PM. We found the silence of analysis in the couple of hours after the speech odd. For the past several days it's been non-stop clips of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's inflammatory and controversial sermons.

There was only one segment on Fox Network where Brit Hume made a few minutes worth of commentary.

CNN had at least 4 segments, but switched topics, too.

Fox begins more coverage 1 PM.

As for MSNBC, we just can't take it over there with Scarborough's voice and vision. Hardball's Chris Matthews isn't too bad at times so we'll flip back and forth later. Same with Dan Abrams.

We'll have to post the transcript links.

OK there is other news U.S. Supreme Court taking up gun control measure DC ban...

Supreme Court mulls ‘right to bear arms’
By Patti Waldmeir in Washington

Published: March 18 2008 20:20 | Last updated: March 18 2008 20:20

The US Supreme Court appears ready to rule that Americans have a constitutional right to keep a gun in their home for self-defence, a ruling that could help Republicans in the upcoming presidential election.

Hearing the most important gun rights case in nearly 70 years, the justices on Tuesday spent 98 minutes engrossed in a lively debate about British and American legal traditions relating to the right to bear arms, especially in self-defence.


And it is very unlikely the news coverage of the Obama speech will exactly match that of the news coverage of Rev. Wright's sermon clips, but apparently, Obama's speech may have stopped the loop of as Major Garret says now, nonstop dissection of Rev. Wright's incendiary sermons.

We'll see how it all pans out.

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