Friday, October 03, 2008

Trade Legislation Pending Lame Duck

Jim McCrery Republican made the statement during consideration of passing the "rescue plan" in the House of Representatives.

He said he hopes he comes back after November, and in the lame duck session (between Nov. 5 and Jan. inauguration) there is trade legislation pending...

Uribe asks Hill to OK trade pact
Held up over rights concerns
Kelly Hearn (Contact)
Saturday, September 20, 2008

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe is in Washington asking Congress to approve a pending free-trade deal with his country.

The request comes as Congress prepares to end its session, and the United States is distracted by a financial crisis and a presidential election campaign in which free trade is a delicate issue.

"We have hope that at any moment we can have the approval in the United States Congress of our free-trade agreement," Mr. Uribe said Friday during a speech at the Brookings Institution. Later, speaking at the National Press Club, he said a job-generating free-trade deal with Washington would itself be a partial corrective to Colombia's violent drug trade.

Bush sends U.S.-Colombia free trade pact to Congress 2008-04-08

Yep. Like anybody is talking about the NAFTA superhighway right now. How it will zap the lifeblood out of the USA economy, what is left of it after the bailout, oops, rescue plan, scam.

Note: denies a NAFTA superhighway as a myth... be wary of what they put out on other issues...

How do they explain NASCO...

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