Thursday, October 16, 2008

John McCain Face Will be Popular Halloween Night

McCain and Obama appear at Charity Event with who... lots of notables, and the Pope, they call him His Excellence. Both present a humorous play on the campaigns - of their opponent.

Al Smith Dinner Charity Event

Both McCain and Obama to Speak at Al Smith Dinner
By Sarah Wheaton AND Julie Bosman
The day after Barack Obama and John McCain face off Wednesday at Hofstra University on Long Island for their final debate, they again share a stage — and a microphone — in New York, this time for a cause that has nothing to do with their campaigns.

“It is, generally speaking, the last time they get together before the election,” said Alfred E. Smith IV, the emcee of The Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, a charity roast run by the Archdiocese of New York to raise money for underprivileged children.

Both presidential candidates are scheduled to speak at the white-tie event Thursday.

The Third Debate between John McCain and Barack Obama.

John McCain's face and its expressions during the debate. Ouch.

And after. Ooops.

We wondered about McCain, too. As he crossed the stage after the debate, going the wrong way, he stuck out his tongue. OK we thought, he's gagging? He's having a senior moment? No. He was poking fun at himself, catching himself in a mistake - going the wrong way off the stage - and actually outing himself before anyone else does.

Well, not quite. Why didn't he just continue going off the stage, that way, right behind Barack Obama?

That he didn't, that he didn't just shrug, and actually hurry up, and maybe even pat Obama's back - is very telling.

Net the Truth Online

3rd Presidential Debate: Litmus Test, McCain Tongue Photo, Joe the Plumber and Other Memorable Moments
By Carol Bengle Gilbert, published Oct 16, 2008
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The adage that a photo is worth a thousand words proves itself in this McCain tongue photo taken at last night's 3rd and final presidential debate. One look at the McCain tongue photo, and the American electorate knows who's the winner, the leader among these two presidential candidates. The McCain tongue photo, capturing what would have been an insignificant debate moment as the candidates left the stage and McCain apparently mocked his own inability to navigate around the table, may become the eternal image representing McCain's downward-spiralling bid for the presidency.

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