Friday, October 17, 2008

No New Taxes John McCain Will Tax Health Care Benefits

Like Joe the Plumber, should he actually accrue enough monies by loans to purchase a company that will make him about $250,000 to $280,000 per year.

(Has anyone thought Joe announced it was the company he's currently working for he'd like to purchase, and extrapolating what he thinks might be a 'profit' or taxable corporate income, he's also announced the potential 'purchase' price? And it's not only $250,000)

During the third Presidential Debate, John McCain noted some features of his health care plan. He didn't go into the details of how it all would actually work, spending more time on attempting to knock down Barack Obama's presentation of his own plan.

McCain's entire facial expression gave us an indication of how even he in that moment became aware that he'd outed himself as a 'new' taxer.

In other words, words do matter, and McCain actually self-corrected himself in public on his own tax plan.

First he started to claim '...their present benefits which may be taxed...'

He immediately self-corrected and said 'will be taxed...'

Note the implications of that - current benefits people are receiving from current health care coverage 'will be taxed...' under No New Taxes John McCain.

McCain didn't explain details of his plan but gave a generality that people would receive '...more money' under his health care plan.

How is that possible if McCain's plan taxes the current benefits of an individual health care plan? Has McCain done the calculations for every single individual's plan across the country?

Worse, just from a non-expert amateur (sleuth) viewpoint, if McCain's plan 'will tax' the current benefits of an individual's plan, and McCain gives $5,000 to everybody, (well except for the gold carder like Warren Buffit)(how will he get away with that Constitutionally) let's say someone's plan costs double the $5,000 they'll get, or more. why on earth wouldn't the individual choose to opt out of a current plan long before McCain's plan is enacted? The person will most likely opt out and end up without insurance!

Sanja Kupta attempted some analysis of both Obama and McCain's plans on CNN today, but it was difficult to understand what he was comparing.

He said Obama was likely relying on numbers from one source, while he and McCain were relying on numbers from another source.

Obama said the average cost of health care is about $12,000 while McCain said the average cost WAS $5,000.

Now really, if the average cost is $5,000 but your's costs more, are you not going to opt out of what you already have as coverage because McCain's plan, according to him, will PAY FOR THE ENTIRETY OF YOUR PLAN at $5,000!

What a McNightmare!

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...That's big government at its best. Now, 95 percent of the people in America will receive more money under my plan because they will receive not only their present benefits, which may be taxed, which will be taxed, but then you add $5,000 onto it, except for those people who have the gold-plated Cadillac insurance policies that have to do with cosmetic surgery and transplants and all of those kinds of things.
And the good thing about this is they'll be able to go across America. The average cost of a health care insurance plan in America today is $5,800. I'm going to give them $5,000 to take with them wherever they want to go, and this will give them affordability.

This will give them availability. This will give them a chance to choose their own futures, not have Senator Obama and government decide that for them.

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