Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Black Box Voting dotorg Asks for Help Find Name Allegheny County Company and $$$ too

On behalf of Black Box Voting dot org - messages and posts - elsewhere - seek the name of private company whose door is accessible from/to Allegheny County voting machine warehouse hwere thousands of iVotronics are stored.

My goodness settle this real quick, just make a call to the reporter, Im Parsons WTAE Channel 4 - sleuths...

As good, call Election Director Wolsniak and ask for the address and the name of the adjacent business...

or if you have time and energy press pause on the Team 4 Report video, and blow up all the images in the video that might provide clues to the business name

Team 4 Report


Investigates Voting Machine Security Issues
Jim Parsons

The following is a transcript of a report by Team 4 reporter Jim Parsons that first aired Feb. 7, 2008, on WTAE Channel 4 Action News at 5 p.m...

Organization fails to contact the WTAE Reporter, asks readers for info about the specific private business abutting the warehouse which the report mentions. also asks for donations. Just send in the 20 bucks with all the details.

Hey contribute to us, too...

After all, we posted info October 2, 2008

The warehouse is named in the report:

North Side Warehouse Allegheny County Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Another report guess didn't contact the election integrity people in Allegheny county who have been hard at it for years, since their own report notes a date of publication 11/7/2006.

Vote Allegheny Report on Election Night Tabulation of Returns




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