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Candidates for President Born Around Water = Reptillian Origins?

Is the recent email campaign promoting Sean Hannity's America Obama & Friends: History of Radicalism, which may be released in hour-long segments for the next couple of weeks - psychological warfare, an embedded subliminal message to registered independents or uncommitted voters?

"Don't believe Hannity's scale-acious programming on Barack Obama's 'radical' friends, associates, etc. Hannity's material has already been debunked..."???

More convinced than ever, the entire country has no real choice in Presidential candidate coming from the current system in place in the United States. States won't do their due diligence in making sure our voter registration databases are accurate, and states lock out any and all Third party or independent Primary conventions for President. Those are left to fund and handle their own nominating process, unlike the Democrats and Republicans.

Who really chose these candidates left standing. You read that right, left - standing. who among them is 'left' handed?

Both candidates suspiciously to us have questionable credentials they were in actuality born in a USA hospital, right.

Obama said he was not born in a manger, he was born on KryPton... yep that's funny.

Oct 17, 2008 6:11 am US/Eastern
McCain, Obama Bring Down House At Al Smith Dinner
GOP Presidential Hopeful Delivers Laugh-Out-Loud Speech
Obama Follows With Talk Of His Home Planet Of 'Krypton'
By JEFF CAPELLINI, Senior News Producer

We've all learned our history haven't we? the human body contains remnants of a tail, right.

But questions continue to circulate about Obama's actual birthplace because his mother travelled out of the country?

Is travelled spelled with one l or two ls who the l cares.

Questions arise whether Obama is a natural-born citizen because of his mother's age at the time of his conception and birth? Hawaii wasn't actually a state at the time of his birth? Hawaii is surrounded by a whole lot of water, isn't it.

Snopes: Obama Native Son

Born: 4 August 1961
Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii
Best known as: The 2008 Democratic candidate for president

The man was born in a hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii, folks, surrounded by water.

How old is Obama really? Seriously, he's looking older than when he first announced his candidacy nearly tw0 years ago. Greying hair. He quipped about that at the Alfred whoever Dinner Thursday evening, too. (Alfred Smith, right, Smith)

McCain hasn't made a big deal like Obama of where he was born.

The Panama Canal Zone? Come on - birth canal - Panama Canal Zone. Is that serendipitous or what?

Lots of water there.

Though questions about McCain III's age in years and months have been long-settled, but really is that according to the Roman Calendar or the Mayan Calendar? or which of those is that reptill(l)ian calendar? How many lss are there in reptillian. Who the l cares.

Is it any wonder McCain doesn't refer to his name as the third in a line of men named the same way from birth? King George and other the Thirds come to mind and so does age.

Are we in the Twilight Zone? Seriously, what are the chances... the birth of two Senators obtaining the nomination of their respective political parties for president ... would be questioned about their births at the same time in history?

It almost seems as if this piece is coming like floodwaters into our brains.

In fact, isn't it suspicious we were given not two Senators seeking their Party nominations, but how many, and how many were and remain Congressmen and Congresswomen, or Congress critters? Reptillian looking many of them when eating at these dinners featuring Lobster Bisque and Chocolate Creme Cakes and a specialty tea for Barack Hawaii Obama.

Really now, that reptillian tongue twist of McCain's when alighting from the third-debate stage in the same direction as Obama after the third presidential debate, suspicious, isn't it.

McCain goes for jugular, but misses
Anne Davies, Long Island, New York
October 17, 2008

Need we put question marks after everything?

Who sticks out their one little tongue that much ever in public and who even makes fun of themselves by sticking out their tongues? Uh tongue, just one, right. Like it's a reflex, hey everybody, I made a mistake, silly me. I'm following this tall black guy who could be the next President of the United States waaa waaa and blah blah - I'm gagging so much and oops my tongue just happened to fall out halfway to the **** floor.

Yes, that's a four letter word not a three letter word, Senators John McCain and Joe Biden.

John McCain (transcript)

... three letter word, jobs.

Joe Biden jobs a three letter word

Is this a joke? Seriously now. What is the aversion to using the phrasing - a four letter word?

It's an unconscious choice. Both Biden and McCain III just could not bring themselves to say four letter word, jobs.

We're tellin ya, it's unconscious, and a revelation of the programming.

This entire election one big hoax perpetrated on us is an obvious joke on us the unsuspecting non-reptil(ll) ians? Perpetrated on the unsuspecting public many of whom are still unconvinced whom to vote for or if they will vote at all because hey, Mickey Mouse may really show up at the polls and demand to be recognized as a person?

None the lesser than Steven Colbert used the word reptilian describing McCain's facial contortion when he followed behind, mind you, behind, Barack Obama after the third presidential debate ended.

Note, during his humorous monologue at the Alfred whoever OK Smith (like that's an easily traceable heritage name) big white tie Dinner Obama humorously referenced his middle name is really Steve - that's a nod to Colbert if we ever saw one.

October 16, 2008, 11:05 pm
McCain and Obama Palling Around? Must Be the Al Smith Dinner
By Michael Cooper and Jeff Zeleny

Seriously now, did anybody else notice every single man in the place at the big dinner was wearing the exact same bluish tinged outfit? We did a triple take, we really did because after all, there was a blue tinge to every neckline of a male in the room.

One woman seated wherever all in jewels, did anybody notice her laughing and laughing until the camera focused on the diners and her. There she was laughing and then oops, what may be showing while my teeth are all exposed?

Who chose blue? Ha we'd like to know, wouldn't you? Blue states and red states and pink states orange you all paying attention to our penguin outfits at a roast of the two majority party candidates for President of these United States of America?

wonder who got the bulk fee for that delivery to all the male attendees? Somebody related to both of the Presidential candidates five or six degrees of relatives removed?

And what about Obama's ears. He made a quip about them himself during that Alfred Smith (untraceable heritage name) Dinner comparing his ears to that of Alfred E. Newman... but the likes of some even us not followers of that guy who has an entire timeline of our reptillian origins, well at least our leaders of the world's origins - would say, reptillian, reptillian... one l or two ls who the l notices these things but somebody who isn't in on the grand illusion but is looking outside the box.

Didn't somebody just say that - outside the box but they meant inside the box?

Oh yes, back to McCain III

McCain Panama Canal Zone = lots of water around that hospital...

McCain’s Canal Zone Birth Prompts Queries About Whether That Rules Him Out

Hawaii... Barack Hawaii Obama... lots of water around

births, canals, reptiles... OMG it all is connected if you just see see sea the dots.

bobbing in the sea like reptil-ll-ian noses or orifaces, or what the l ever.

Isn't it odd that the last election both Kerry and Bush were members of the same exclusive club Yale Skull and Bones, a secret society whose secrets remain secrets forever?

Isn't it odd there are questions about Obama's birth location and it is known McCain III was born at the Panama Canal Zone?

Haha what are the chances this is all coincidence? Even our writing about this now, prompted by that email we got about Barack Obama and Sean Hannity's documentary that isn't one, admittedly by Fox who Obama poked some fun at the dinner in honor of who, a man whose last name is Smith.

Smith Smith Smith yep that's easily traceable to reptilian origins.

At any rate, anyone receiving an email about a Hannity documentary coming up on Sunday programming at the Fox News Network should read the following...

whew, you never thought we'd get here, did you?

Not only did the programming already occur, (we'll admit, there may be more in the archives not yet released) what Fox has admitted the Hannity special was no documentary.

That means, if words have meaning, none of the material presented was documented.

See below.

Net the Truth Online

To be continued, below, we are on a roll, yes we are as one person though.

copy of Email circulating. (Democrats participating in that we know who you are)

Sean Hannity of Hannity & Colmes ( Fox News )
October 11th, 2008 (768 views )
The link below is to portions of the series that Hannity has done.

Hannity's America Archive

Obama & Friends: History of Radicalism
• Video: College Years
• Video: Community Organizer
• Video: ACORN

The Veterans Voice

glen Greenwald Wednesday Oct. 8, 2008 06:54 EDT
Sean Hannity, Robert Gibbs and anti-Semitism: How to go on Fox News
For the third debate in a row, actual polling data last night (as well as uncommitted focus groups) revealed that most Americans believe that the Democratic candidate (Obama/Biden) won decisively. In stark contrast, this is what the poll of Fox News viewers found:

After the mid-1990s, Martin-Trigona re-surfaced in Florida with a name change ("Andy Martin"), ran for public office multiple times as a Republican (even the local GOP repudiated him), then became a vocal supporter of Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign, and finally an obsessive "investigator" of Barack Obama, trafficking in the filthiest and most deranged muck that for months stimulated the darkest crevices of the right-wing slime machine. As The New York Times put it, Martin "is credited as being among the first -- if not the first -- to assert in a chain e-mail message that Mr. Obama was secretly a Muslim."

Over the weekend, Sean Hannity hosted a show on Fox News entitled Obama & Friends: The History of Radicalism. The star of Hannity's smear fest was none other than Andy Martin, who was featured as an honored, credible investigator and source to expose "the real Barack Obama." There wasn't a hostile or adversarial word uttered by Hannity about or towards Martin. To the contrary, Martin's claims were the basis for many of the Fox News show's allegations against Obama. This is how Fox described him on-screen when he spoke: "Andy Martin, AUTHOR & JOURNALIST":

Obama’s Personal Ties Are Subject of Program on Fox News Channel
Published: October 6, 2008
During a weekend of Republican attacks on Senator Barack Obama’s personal associations, Fox News Channel ran a program Sunday that made provocative assertions about similar connections, called “Obama & Friends: The History of Radicalism.”
Sean Hannity, the conservative radio and television host, was the host of the hourlong program, which raised, among other things, unsubstantiated accusations that Mr. Obama’s work as a community organizer in Chicago was “training for a radical overthrow of the government.”

The statement came from Andy Martin, a conservative writer and frequent political candidate who is credited as being among the first — if not the first — to assert in a chain e-mail message that Mr. Obama was secretly a Muslim.

Mr. Obama is a Christian; his campaign says he “is not, was not and has never been” a Muslim.

Peppering his statements with phrases like “in my opinion” and “my view is,” Mr. Martin said Mr. Obama’s political career had been engineered by Bill Ayers, a founder and former member of the radical Weather Underground and now an education professor in Chicago.

Various reports, including ones in The New York Times, have found no evidence that Mr. Obama and Mr. Ayers were particularly close, although they have had various points of contact. Mr. Ayers was host of an event for Mr. Obama early in his political career, they served together on a charitable board, and both worked on an educational project financed by the billionaire philanthropist Walter H. Annenberg.

The program was the latest step in the evolution of opinion journalism on cable news. It comes as one of Fox News’s rivals, MSNBC, becomes increasingly liberal, with hosts like Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann advocating against Senator John McCain. But Mr. Hannity’s program on Sunday was notable in presenting partisan accusations against Mr. Obama in a journalistic, documentary format in prime time.

Saying he believed that ties between Mr. Obama and Mr. Ayers were deeper, and reporting that Mr. Ayers had been an admirer of the Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, who, in turn, is an acolyte of Fidel Castro, Mr. Martin said, “If you love the Cuban revolution and Castro, and if you love what’s happening in Venezuela with Hugo Chávez, you’ll love Barry Obama — Barack Obama, as he calls himself — in the White House.”

For good measure, Mr. Martin, who made a failed bid to run on the Republican line in the 2004 race for a Senate seat from Illinois that Mr. Obama won, added, “We are basically going in the throes of a social revolution which attempts to essentially freeze out anybody who is not part of this radical ideology.”

The special was shown on “Hannity’s America,” the Sunday night program in which Mr. Hannity does not have to share the screen with his weeknight liberal co-host on Fox News, Alan Colmes.

Mr. Hannity said that Mr. Obama did not respond to a request for comment. Still, the program presented no opposing viewpoint to the program’s thesis: that, in Mr. Hannity’s words, “Obama’s list of friends reads like a history of radicalism.”

Mr. Hannity’s executive producer, John Finley, said that the program was clearly opinion and that the audience — on average 1.5 million to 2 million — knew to take it as such. “ ‘Hannity’s America’ is an opinion show — it’s a show from Sean’s perspective, which is obviously conservative,” Mr. Finley said.

This post was inspired by Sean Hannity really it was whose grey hair is looking suspiciously like Barack Obama's greying hair. That fact brought to the forefront of our mind, why on earth is Barack Steve Obama's hair turning grey?

Has he never heard of hair processing, coloring of the grey so it doesn't look so grey, or what.

Or is that the other way around. Have both of these men not been approached by a hair touching stylist? Now John Sidney McCain III we can understand. Put a wig on him and the effect would be just gruesome, for his wife and all of us.

Obama's only 47 years old. Are the pair Obama and Hannity related sixth or ten relatives removed?

Hey if you got this far you deserve everything you got. Even the name of the person who makes the claim 'they're all reptillians...' David Icke. One l two ls who the l cares.

They are among us.

Really now. Who on this earth has the last name of Icke and talks about an icky reptilian plot to dominate the globe and changelings among us... was his name tacked onto him with some kind of a prophecy attached to it?

You with the last name of Icke that everybody pronounces icky you are going to expose something really icky in your one lifetime that you have on this planet. Who knows where we will send you after your death, but for now, Icke, expose this icky plot to control everybody who isn';t icky.

And isn't there a new movie out with Condoleeza Rice oh no getting confused Angelina Jolie who is actually related to whoever George W. Bush or somebody and so is Brad Pitt and the title of this movie is Changeling?

Now we haven't read a plot synopsis but do we really have to? talk about Rosemary's Baby...

Changeling the movie

And Sarah Palin and her lookalike Tina Fey.

What a coincidence, right? Just so happenstance. One in a million people do have similar features, but come on the pair could be identical twins.

And the one just happens, just happens to be a comedian a well respected actress who left Saturday Night Live to do some other acting in a series called Third Rock or some such and that name Fey, oh come on is this all just a big joke on us.

fey definition

read it and wake up

What the **** are the chances - yes Senator McCain and Senator Biden - that is a four letter word not a three letter word - that there would just happen to be waiting in the wings of comedy a lookalike for the Republican Vice Presidential candidate who had left Saturday Night Live and was working somewhere else Third Rock from the Sun or 30 Rock or whatever.

30 rock come on, look under and what do you find, something icky...

And furthermore, the Supreme Court just now ruled in favor of Ohio Secretary of State Sarah Brunner she doesn't have to conduct a match of motor vehicle registrations and some potentially mismatched 200,000 voter registrations coming in anew, new ones now, from ACORN do not have to be scrutinized.

Warning you guys, expect to see a whole lot more reptillian costumes out there this Halloween eve, changelings looking like tongue-wagging John Sidney McCain III and Krypton Superman outfits are they really outfits with Barack Steve Obama faces.

Expect it cause you know it is true.

Cause here's another anomoly of a suspicious nature.

Barack Obama born August 6, 1961

John Sidney McCain III born August 29, 1936

What are the changes, uh changelings, uh chances two presidential candidates were born in the same astological month let alone if the math is correct almost to the day almost just 13 days short of exactly 35 years apart.

35 years being the minimum age one can seek the office of the President of the United States of America.

No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United States.

And what does Bill Clinton who's related to whoever wherever tenth removed say when asked whether he believe Barack Obama is qualified to be Prez of these United States?

He's 35 years old and is a citizen of the United States...

Clinton Bashes Obama's Weathermen Connection, But What About Her Own?

Now if that - and that bit about Hillary Clinton connections - doesn't knock your socks off and show you don't have changeling reptillian feet, one l or two ls who the l cares, I don't know what the four letter word, Senators, not three letters, will.

Net the Truth Online

by Citizen Investigator Anonymous (we think)

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