Monday, October 27, 2008

William Weld: Obama Endorsement Based on Temperament!

Perfect fiscal and monetary responsibility for past 8 years, former Republican Governor Weld says, and look where that's gotten us...

Endorsing Obama because he's displayed steady judgement and temperament...

Former Mass. GOP Gov. Weld Endorses Obama

Weld appeared on Morning Joe and fielded questions from the entire panel, including Joe Scarborough.

Who else among fiscal conservatives, one would think, are now endorsing Barack Obama?

Just do a search

Why I'm Backing Obama
By Susan Eisenhower
Saturday, February 2, 2008

Colin Powell

See our Historical facts will swing undecideds to Obama

hint question: Upon taking office which presidential candidate will issue an executive order to restrain the (Waco-like) black boots from our domestic doorsteps?

coming soon

Yes Less government means more liberty, Joe in the morning,Scarborough and there is staggering debt brought to us by whom?

The same Republicans promoting fiscal restraint but acting like spending divas and enacting free trade deals which are not fair.

tax cuts renewed are not evidence of fiscal restraint. In fact, the cuts have not increased the creation of jobs on the part of those who are receiving the tax credits and tax cuts.

Under Republicans, government's size grew. That deflates the argument all Republicans will do everything possible to reduce the size of government.

The CEOs of industrial companies and clothing factories are moving operations continuously from the United States to Mexico and elsewhere. It's a fact there have been job losses due to NAFTA and other such recent trade pacts.

NAFTA job losses

Which candidate proposed no free trade deal with Columbia until civil liberties and rights to organize in unions were protected and guaranteed?

Cheat sheet: the answer was revealed in the Third Presidential debate...

Thursday, October 16, 2008
Columbian Free Trade Deal McCain supports Obama wants assurances

Monday, October 20, 2008
Obama Advantage Demeanor Steadiness

Net the Truth Online

Big names join defections from Republican campEwen MacAskill in Washington The Guardian, Saturday October 25 2008

Former GOP Senator, Veteran Endorses Obama

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